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In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Casualty Date Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty type Voyage Details
27 Apr 2017 Youzarsif H 1977 Collision Midia, Romania to Aqaba, Jordan
26 Apr 2017 Nawa 9 n/a Sank Germany to European Ports
23 Apr 2017 Beatrice 2009 Grounded From Rosario, Argentina to Yemen,
23 Apr 2017 Nabil J 1971 Adrift Iskenderun to Sidon, Lebanon
22 Apr 2017 Wilson Valencia 2011 Engine Failure Coruna, Spain to Salten, Norway
22 Apr 2017 MSC Kim 2008 Engine Failure From Gioia Tauro, Italy to Perama and Thessaloniki, Greece
22 Apr 2017 Conmar Bay 2012 Collision Rotational voyage calling at Rotterdam (Netherlands), Brunsbuttel (Germany), Kotka, Vuosaari and Helsinki (Finland).
21 Apr 2017 Nissho Maru 1992 Collision Kobe to Sakaide
20 Apr 2017 Amira Eman 1998 Grounded From Ravenna, Italy to Alexandria, Egypt, calling at Porto Nogaro, Italy
20 Apr 2017 MSC Mirella 1988 Machinery Failure Rotational voyage from Ashdod and Haifa (Israel) to Turkish Mediterranean and Black Sea ports.
19 Apr 2017 Usichem 2005 Fire Tasman, Russia to Sudan
19 Apr 2017 Geroi Arsenala 1980 Capsized From Rostov, Russia to Samsun, Turkey
18 Apr 2017 Cielo de Hanoi 2016 Grounded From San Lorenzo, Argentina to Peru
18 Apr 2017 Aristimo 1997 Grounded General Lagos, Argentina to El Dekheila, Egypt
16 Apr 2017 Navios Orbiter 2004 Fire USA Ports / Bahamas to Immingham, UK
13 Apr 2017 Elena L 2001 Engine Failure Lulea, Sweden to Ymuiden, Netherlands
12 Apr 2017 Alex 2016 Grounded From Galveston, USA to Ningbo, China
11 Apr 2017 Alfa Germania 1998 Engine Failure From Fredericia, Denmark to Rotterdam, Holland
10 Apr 2017 Dimitrios K 2001 Engine Failure Tripoli, Libya to Yalova, Turkey
9 Apr 2017 Lady Mathilde 1995 Grounded From Virtsu, Estonia to Amsterdam, Netherlands
7 Apr 2017 UMM Salal 2011 Grounded Port Klang to Khor Fakkan
6 Apr 2017 Xianx Zhou 2009 Sank Nantong, China to Busan. South Korea
4 Apr 2017 MSC Daniela 2008 Fire Rotational voyage from Chinese ports calling at Singapore, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Northern African and Southern European ports
4 Apr 2017 Maersk Genoa 2016 Collision Rotational voyage from Western European ports to Indian ports, calling at Egyptian ports and Red Sea and Arabian Gulf ports.
3 Apr 2017 Anastasia K 2011 Grounded From Rosario, Argentina to Saudi Arabian port(s).
1 Apr 2017 ATA 2009 Collision From Nikolayev, Ukraine to Ravenna, Italy
1 Apr 2017 Gemini Gas 1991 Fire From Fujairah, United Arab Emirates to Port Sudan, Sudan
1 Apr 2017 Ceyda Aytekin 1999 Machinery Failure From Agadir, Morocco to Black Sea port(s)
1 Apr 2017 Menelaos 2015 Collision From Odessa, Ukraine to Damietta, Egypt
31 Mar 2017 Intrepid Harvester 2012 Fire From Samsun, Turkey and Constantza, Romania to Venice, Italy
29 Mar 2017 OSA 1985 Engine Failure Aabenraa, Denmark to Kallingrad, Russia
29 Mar 2017 Jan Caribe 1988 Collision From Port Everglades , USA to Cartagena, Colombia
28 Mar 2017 Lyric Poet 2012 Grounded From Albany, Australia to Chinese ports
28 Mar 2017 Hai Thanh 26-BLC 2010 Sank From Hai Phong City to Can Tho City, Vietnam
26 Mar 2017 Stellar Daisy 1993 Missing vessel Brazil to unknown destination
25 Mar 2017 Florentia 2016 Contact Fom Southampton, UK to unknown destination port
24 Mar 2017 Minka-C 2008 Engine Failure from Szczecin, Poland to Brens, Spain
24 Mar 2017 Alianca Santos 2003 Fire Rotational voyage calling at Brazilian ports: Vitoria, Santos, Itapoa, Suape and Salvador
24 Mar 2017 Transnet Durban Warehouse n/a Fire N/A
20 Mar 2017 Equator Peace 2000 Ingress of Water Mauritania to China
20 Mar 2017 Lady Alida 2016 Engine Failure From Terneuzen, Netherlands to Waterford, Eire
19 Mar 2017 Riga 1997 Engine Failure Dunkirk to Caen
18 Mar 2017 Morning Claire 2012 Grounded From South Korean and Japanese ports to Porto Quetzale (Guatemala), Acajutla (El Salvador) and San Lorenzo (Honduras).
18 Mar 2017 Mekhanik Fomin 1991 Listing From Archangel, Russia to UK ports
16 Mar 2017 Tinaztepe S 1979 Sank Canakkale, Turkey to Misurata, Libya
15 Mar 2017 BBC Shanghai 2001 Engine Failure From Durban, South Africa to Apapa-Lagos, Nigeria
15 Mar 2017 Albany 1986 Grounded From Azov to Rostov-on-Don, Russia
15 Mar 2017 Horace A 2008 Machinery Failure Rotational voyage calling at Novorossiysk (Russia), Ambarli (Turkey), Ashdod (Israel), Alexandria, El Dekheila (Egypt)
14 Mar 2017 Moon Step 1997 Engine Failure From Romania to Netherlands
13 Mar 2017 Jin Hang Hai 16 n/a Collision From Jiangyin to Guangzhou, China
13 Mar 2017 Ze Hong 1995 Grounded Xiamen to Yingkou
13 Mar 2017 Holger Danske 1976 Collision From Rodby, Denmark to Puttgarden, Germany
13 Mar 2017 Chang Xun 17 n/a Collision From Chongqing to Zhangjiagang, China
13 Mar 2017 Aris 13 1991 Piracy From Sri Lanka to Djibouti
11 Mar 2017 Asphalt Seminole 2005 Engine Failure From Sydney, Australia
11 Mar 2017 Ice Star 2008 Shift of Cargo Rotational voyage between Aarhus (Denmark), Reykjavik (Iceland) and Torshavn, Faroe Islands.
11 Mar 2017 Ice Star 2008 Shift of Cargo Rotational voyage between Aarhus (Denmark), Reykjavik (Iceland) and Torshavn, Faroe Islands
9 Mar 2017 Skagern 2000 Grounded Kristinehamn, Sweden to Hull, UK
6 Mar 2017 Eurocargo Salerno 1998 Cargo Overboard From Palermo, Sicily to Salerno, Italy
5 Mar 2017 Caledonia 2002 Grounded Constantza, Romania to Houston, USA
5 Mar 2017 Chrisopigi Lady 2005 Engine Failure From Milford Haven, UK to Port Said, Egypt
4 Mar 2017 Coastalwater 2000 Engine Failure From Tees Port, UK to Rotterdam, Netherlands
3 Mar 2017 Langeoog 2013 Adrift From Gibraltar to Fenit, Eire
3 Mar 2017 Capricorn 1974 Ingress of Water From Kavkaz, Russia to Tartous, Syria
27 Feb 2017 MSC Iris 1982 Grounded From Helsinki (Finland) to Skaw (Denmark) , Antwerp, (Belgium) and Bremerhaven (Germany
27 Feb 2017 Ecofaith G.O. 2012 Grounded Tangshan, China to Prince Rupert Island, Canada
27 Feb 2017 Luca S. 2004 Collision From Fos, France to Porto Nogaro, Italy
26 Feb 2017 Elandsgracht 1995 Grounded From Rauma, Finland to Husum, Germany, calling at Pietarsaari, Finland
24 Feb 2017 Sterno 1970 Grounded Vejle, Denmark to Gothenburg, Sweden
24 Feb 2017 Alrek 2006 Grounded From Velsen, Netherlands to Sodertalje, Vesteras and Oxelosund, Sweden
24 Feb 2017 Honor 1996 Fire Rotational voyage from Antwerp and Zeebrugge (Belgium), calling at Bremerhaven (Germany) and Southampton (UK) to US East coast ports
23 Feb 2017 Isla Bartolome 2013 Grounded From Guayaquil, Ecuador to San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands
22 Feb 2017 Nordic Stani 2010 Adrift Kaliningrad to Kemi
22 Feb 2017 Kholmogory 1995 Engine Failure From Hamburg, Germany to Ellesmere Port, UK
21 Feb 2017 Maria P 2000 Engine Failure From Ponta Delgada, Azores to Lisbon, Portugal
19 Feb 2017 Finnstraum 1999 Engine Failure From Klaipeda, Lithuania to Rotterdam, Netherlands
18 Feb 2017 Morning Compass 2013 Piracy From Pyeongtaek, Mokpo, and Incheon, South Korea, to Bremerhaven, Germany, calling at Singapore and Misurata, Libya
17 Feb 2017 Bellatrix 1978 Grounded From Nikolayev, Ukraine to Izmir, Turkey
16 Feb 2017 Amadeus 2017 Engine Failure From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Flixborough, UK
15 Feb 2017 Greenwing 2002 Grounded From Mariupol, Ukraine to Istanbul, Turkey
14 Feb 2017 Sea Lady 2003 Grounded Itacoatiaia, Brazil to Skikda, Algeria
13 Feb 2017 APL Austria 2007 Fire Rotational voyage from Chinese ports calling at Singapore, Malaysian ports, South African ports and West African ports
12 Feb 2017 Maersk Kensington 2007 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage from Jebel Ali, United Arab Emirates, calling at Indian ports, Algeciras, Spain and Eastern USA ports
11 Feb 2017 Destiny 1981 Engine Failure From Canakkale, Turkey to Sitia, Greece
11 Feb 2017 Sagan 1999 Grounded Taiwan to Japan
10 Feb 2017 Wilson Hobro 2001 Shift of Cargo Rotterdam to Chalkis
10 Feb 2017 Victoria 2004 Grounded Antwerp to Fredericia
6 Feb 2017 Merete Maersk 2014 Cargo Overboard From Chinese ports, calling at Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia, Algeciras, Spain and Western European ports
6 Feb 2017 Gas Pasha 1995 Grounded From Cork, Eire to Falmouth, UK
6 Feb 2017 Odergas 1999 Engine Failure Rafnes, Norway to Tees anchorage
5 Feb 2017 Efendi Baba 1994 Engine Failure From Mariupol, Ukraine to Bilbao, Spain
5 Feb 2017 BBC Caribbean 2008 Piracy Southern Europe to African Ports
4 Feb 2017 Ocean Gem 2011 Engine Failure Mobile, USA to Eregli, Turkey
3 Feb 2017 Abbay 1984 Grounded From Mundra, India to Hamriyah, United Arab Emirates
2 Feb 2017 Alam Manis 2007 Grounded From Richards Bay, South Africa to Pipavav, India
1 Feb 2017 Stolt Gulf Mishref 2010 Engine Failure USA to Indian Ports
1 Feb 2017 Mekhanik Pyatlin 1992 Engine Failure From Archangel, Russia to Goole, UK
1 Feb 2017 Alsterstern 1994 Engine Failure Las Palmas, Canary Islands to Vigo, Spain
1 Feb 2017 Patron 2009 Engine Failure Taranto to Antwerp
31 Jan 2017 Elbsailor 2012 Engine Failure Rotational voyage from Rotterdam, Netherlands to St. Petersburg, Russia, calling at Hamburg and Brunsbuttel, Germany
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For further details of any of these incidents, or to instruct us, click on the vessel name.

For information on casualties not listed above CONTACT US.