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In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Casualty Date Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty type Voyage Details
13 Dec 2017 Kasra-1 1991 Engine Failure From Astrakhan, Russia to Bandar Anzali, Iran
12 Dec 2017 MSC Leanne 2017 Collision From Gdansk (Poland) to Busan (South Korea), calling at Bremerhaven (Germany), Felixstowe (UK), Yangshan and Dalian (China)
12 Dec 2017 Happy Penguin 2013 Machinery Failure Butzfleth, Germany to Port Jerome, France
12 Dec 2017 Sea Leader 2007 Contact From / To Russian ports
10 Dec 2017 Hyundai Ulsan 2011 Collision Shuaiba, Kuwait to Umm Qasr, Iraq
10 Dec 2017 Formosa Sixteen 2007 Collision from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates to Umm Qasr Port Iraq
9 Dec 2017 Rover 1998 Engine Failure Southampton, U.K. to Antwerp. Belgium
9 Dec 2017 Leonie P 1997 Cargo Overboard Bremerhaven, Germany to Morocco
8 Dec 2017 Industrial Challenger 2000 General Enquiry From Cotonou, Benin to Boma, DR Congo
8 Dec 2017 Ocean Voyager 2012 Grounded Cadiz, Spain to Oslo, Norway
8 Dec 2017 Estland 2002 Heavy Weather Damage Kremi to Kotka, Finland
7 Dec 2017 Koza 2004 Ingress of Water From Abidjan, Ivory Coast to unknown ports
7 Dec 2017 Eems Traveller 2000 Engine Failure From Gijon, Spain to Rotterdam, Netherlands
6 Dec 2017 Fetekoz 2007 Adrift From Savannah, USA to Bayonne, France
6 Dec 2017 Hannah Kristina 1999 Engine Failure From Floro, Norway to unknown destination
6 Dec 2017 Delfa 2005 General Enquiry From Chornomorsk, Ukraine to Mongla Port, Bangladesh
4 Dec 2017 Sheng Hai 1989 Sank Chinese port to Pusan, South Korea
2 Dec 2017 DL Adonis 2010 Engine Failure from Gdynia, Poland to Ust-Luga, Russia
1 Dec 2017 Shun Xin 188 n/a Sank Pingtan, China to Yangzhou, China
30 Nov 2017 MSC Nederland 1992 General Enquiry From Lome, Togo to Antwerp, Belgium, calling at Cotonou, Benin; Las Palmas, Canary Islands; and Agadir, Morocco
29 Nov 2017 Durban Higway 2011 Grounded Rotational voyage from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil calling at Atucha and Zarate, Argentina
28 Nov 2017 Ct Cork 2008 Adrift Puerto Rico to Yalova, Turkey
28 Nov 2017 Hao Heng 11 2006 Adrift From Shanghai, China to Shiogama, Japan
27 Nov 2017 Maersk Shams 2015 Machinery Failure Rotational voyage from Itajai (Brazil) calling at Montevideo (Uruguay), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Rio Grande and Paranagua (Brazil)
27 Nov 2017 Shun Jin Long n/a Collision Between Chinese Ports
27 Nov 2017 Jin Ze Lun n/a Collision From Huangpu, China to unknown destination
27 Nov 2017 Titian Murni 1967 Contact Semarang, Indonesia to Merek, Indonesia
27 Nov 2017 Nusa Agung 1970 Contact Mersk, Indonesia to Priuk, Indonesia
26 Nov 2017 Timbus 1999 Engine Failure Varberg, Sweden to Flushing
25 Nov 2017 Prima Celina 1992 Engine Failure Ronnskar, Sweden to Vasteras, Sweden
25 Nov 2017 Shi Hua 66 2000 Grounded Tang Shou, China to Zhang Zhou, China
24 Nov 2017 Adeline 2012 Engine Failure From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Purfleet, UK
24 Nov 2017 Azul Victoria 2006 Ingress of Water From Singapore to Brazil
24 Nov 2017 Iman 1986 Fire Toyama, Japan to Vladivostok, Russia
22 Nov 2017 Jomi 1991 Engine Failure From Skagen, Denmark to Reykjavik, Iceland
22 Nov 2017 Bulk Carrier 1992 Grounded From Bergen to Aalesund (Norway), calling at Vormedal and Maloy
22 Nov 2017 Kasra-1 1991 Machinery Failure From Astrakhan, Russia to Bandar Anjali, Iran
22 Nov 2017 Ever Omega 2009 Piracy From Bintulu, Borneo to Penang, Malaysia
21 Nov 2017 Terne Skjaer 1974 Engine Failure Thyboron, Denmark to Leland, Norway
21 Nov 2017 BMC Calypso 1998 Collision from Ko Sichang, Thailand to Chittagong, Bangladesh
21 Nov 2017 Adirondack 2010 Collision from Istanbul, Turkey to Chittagong, Bangladesh
21 Nov 2017 New Breeze 2010 Contact Shanghai to Chittagong
21 Nov 2017 Kmarin Busan 2014 Collision from Chaozhou, China to Chittagong, Bangladesh
21 Nov 2017 Arkl Ow Valour 2017 Grounded From Bristol, UK to Odense, Denmark, calling at Warren Point and Medway ports (UK) and Rekefjord (Norway).
21 Nov 2017 Daytona-H 1988 Fire From Novorossiysk, Russia to Constantza, Romania
21 Nov 2017 MSC Luciana 2009 Collision From Singapore to Busan, Korea, calling at Tianjin, China
20 Nov 2017 Vera 2011 Fire Guayaquil to Galapagos
17 Nov 2017 Jorvik 2000 Grounded Kokkola, Finland to Goole, UK
16 Nov 2017 Brandini 2014 Grounded Karlsruhe, Germany to Antwerp, Belgium
12 Nov 2017 Yu Tong 1 n/a Ingress of Water Maoming to Jieyang, China
11 Nov 2017 Mount Hoe 2014 Contact From Tubarao, Brazil to Bremen, Germany
11 Nov 2017 Kouroupi 2008 Grounded From Santos, Brazil to unknown destination
11 Nov 2017 CSCL Yellow Sea 2014 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Yantian, Shekou (China), Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia), Ashdod, Haifa (Israel), El Dekheila (Egypt), Piraeus (Greece)
11 Nov 2017 Kom 1997 Engine Failure From Nordenham, Germany to Murmansk, Russia
10 Nov 2017 Matapat 2014 Grounded From Limay to Bataan, Philippines
9 Nov 2017 Nearchos 1998 Collision Tanjung Bara, Indonesia to China
9 Nov 2017 Glory Fortune 2006 Grounded Rotational voyage calling at Shanghai and Taicang (China), Kobe, Osaka and Moji (Japan).
5 Nov 2017 Touska 2008 Grounded Kaohsiung to Shenzhen
4 Nov 2017 Nam Khanh 26 2011 Sank Haiphong to Can Tho
4 Nov 2017 Viet Thuan 168 n/a Listing Between Vietnamese ports
4 Nov 2017 Thanh Hai 18 2006 Grounded Between Vietnamese ports
4 Nov 2017 Son Long 08 2008 Sank Between Vietnamese ports
4 Nov 2017 Ha Trung 98 2010 Sank From Haiphong to My Thoi, Vietnam
4 Nov 2017 Fei Yue 9 2004 Grounded From Phu My, Vietnam to unknown destination
4 Nov 2017 Hoa Mai 68 2009 Sank From Dinh Vu to Haiphong, Vietnam
3 Nov 2017 Frant Vik 2010 Grounded From Aviles, Spain to Lulea, Sweden, calling at Odda, Norway
2 Nov 2017 TRF Kaya 2007 Collision Hong Kong & China to Vietnam
2 Nov 2017 Bow Spring 2004 Engine Failure From Tarragona, Spain to Terneuzen, Netherlands and Antwerp, Belgium
2 Nov 2017 Ever Smart 2008 Cargo Overboard From Teipei, Taiwan to Los Angeles, USA
2 Nov 2017 O.M. Iridium 2008 Collision Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia
1 Nov 2017 Nautical Runa 2015 Grounded Aratu, Brazil to Brake, Germany
1 Nov 2017 Bilal Bal 1974 Capsized From Istanbul to Samsun, Turkey
31 Oct 2017 Li Dian 2 2010 Collision From Tangshan to Jiang Yin, China
31 Oct 2017 Pollux 2009 Collision Hamburg to Bremerhaven
31 Oct 2017 Dal Karoo 2013 Collision From Durban and Cape Town (South Africa) calling at Maasvlakte (Netherlands), London Gateway (UK) and Bremerhaven (Germany) to Rotterdam (Netherlands).
30 Oct 2017 Encounter 2004 Engine Failure From Liverpool to Greenock, UK
30 Oct 2017 Blessing SW 2010 Engine Failure From Dakar, Senegal to Liepaja, Latvia calling at Santa Cruz, Tenerife and Tyssedal, Norway
30 Oct 2017 Josco Huizhou 2014 Fire From Nemrut Bay to Gemlik, Turkey
27 Oct 2017 John Augustus Essberger 2010 Grounded From Bremerhaven, Germany to Rotterdam, Netherlands
26 Oct 2017 Beaumotion 2003 Engine Failure From Klaipeda, Lithuania to La Coruna, Spain
26 Oct 2017 Maria Bottiglieri 2012 Grounded From Dos Bocas, Mexico to Antwerp, Belgium
26 Oct 2017 Bahri Wafi 2014 Grounded From Rosario to Bahia Blanca, Argentina
25 Oct 2017 Patraikos 2010 Grounded Chinese ports to Melbourne and other Australian ports
24 Oct 2017 Evangelia L 2015 Adrift Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala to China
23 Oct 2017 Ali M 1995 Grounded Port Sudan to Ravenna, Italy
21 Oct 2017 Baltic Performer 1992 Shift of Cargo From Vlissingen, Netherlands to Dakar, Senegal
21 Oct 2017 ESL Africa 2007 Grounded From Hamburg, Germany to Dakar, Senegal, calling at Brunsbuttel and Kiel, Germany, St Petersburg, Russia and Norrkoping, Sweden
21 Oct 2017 Demeter 2005 Piracy From Marseille, France to Monrovia, Liberia, calling at Livorno and Genoa (Italy), Barcelona, Valencia and Algeciras (Spain), Tangiers (Morocco), Lome (Togo) and Malabo (Equatorial Guinea).
20 Oct 2017 B.NO.255 1979 Explosion From Baton Rouge to Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
20 Oct 2017 Maria Irudhaya Robert Vijay n/a Sank From Tuticorin, India to Male, Maldives
19 Oct 2017 Atlantic Symphony 2009 Explosion From Port Klang, Malaysia to Rotterdam, Netherlands
18 Oct 2017 OOCL Japan 2017 Grounded Singapore to Felixstowe U.K.
18 Oct 2017 Ming An 2003 Sank From Kaohsiung, Taiwan to unknown destination
18 Oct 2017 Sithonia 1982 Grounded Galatz to Ukraine
16 Oct 2017 Quan Hai 88 n/a Sank Dongguan, Guangdong to Jiaxing, Zhejiang
16 Oct 2017 Ostborg 2001 Engine Failure Brunsbuttel to Nantes
16 Oct 2017 Rhone 1996 Engine Failure Ukraine to Mersin
14 Oct 2017 Harvest Sky 2013 Grounded Australia to Taiwan
14 Oct 2017 Spiegelgracht 2000 Engine Failure Klaipeda, Lithuania to Rauma, Finland
13 Oct 2017 Aragonborg 2010 Engine Failure From Bilbao, Spain to Barranquilla, Colombia
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For further details of any of these incidents, or to instruct us, click on the vessel name.

For information on casualties not listed above CONTACT US.