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In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Casualty Date Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty type Voyage Details
18 Oct 2017 Ming An 2003 Sank From Kaohsiung, Taiwan to unknown destination
16 Oct 2017 Quan Hai 88 n/a Sank Dongguan, Guangdong to Jiaxing, Zhejiang
16 Oct 2017 Ostborg 2001 Engine Failure Brunsbuttel to Nantes
14 Oct 2017 Harvest Sky 2013 Grounded Australia to Taiwan
14 Oct 2017 Spiegelgracht 2000 Engine Failure Klaipeda, Lithuania to Rauma, Finland
12 Oct 2017 Ingeborg Pilot 1994 Engine Failure From Brunsbuttel, Germany to Fredericia, Denmark
12 Oct 2017 Emerald Star 2010 Sank Buli, Indonesia to Lianyungang, China
11 Oct 2017 Eden Bay 2008 Collision From Macapa to Manaus, Brazil
11 Oct 2017 SBI Carioca 2015 Grounded Norfolk to Belledune
11 Oct 2017 Mazury 2005 Collision From Macapa to Itacoatiara, Brazil
10 Oct 2017 Storm - Durban n/a General Enquiry N/A
10 Oct 2017 Maritime Newanda 2005 Grounded From Singapore to Durban, South Africa
10 Oct 2017 SM New York 2010 Grounded Rotational voyage from Chinese ports to Port Louis (Mauritius) and Durban (South Africa)
10 Oct 2017 Bow Triumph 2017 Grounded From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Durban, South Africa
10 Oct 2017 MSC Ines 2006 Grounded Rotational voyage from Chinese ports to Singapore, Colombo (Sri Lanka), Port Louis (Mauritius), Lome (Togo) and Durban (South Africa)
8 Oct 2017 Tasco Sakorn 2009 Engine Failure Cigading, Indonesia to Fremantle, Australia
8 Oct 2017 Islay Trader 1992 Grounded From Margate, UK to Antwerp, Belgium
8 Oct 2017 California - Wildfires n/a Fire N/A
8 Oct 2017 Ta Shin n/a Engine Failure Kaoshing, Taiwan to Jinmen Island, Taiwan
8 Oct 2017 Skiff 1976 Collision Icdas, Turkey to Varna, Bulgaria
7 Oct 2017 Conti Basel 2003 Collision From Singapore to Hong Kong
6 Oct 2017 Tientsin 2016 Collision Shanghai to Chittagong
6 Oct 2017 He Bo 2011 Collision From Tangshan to Shidao, China
5 Oct 2017 Splendid Ace 2003 Adrift Davisville, USA to Emden, Germany
5 Oct 2017 Cygnus Leader 2007 Contact From Bremerhaven, Germany to Halifax (Canada), New York, Baltimore, Jackson, Houston (USA)
4 Oct 2017 KTC1 1990 Grounded From Tanjung Perak to Pekanbaru, Indonesia
4 Oct 2017 Eastern Bund 2011 Grounded From Tubarao, Brazil to Sokhna, Egypt
3 Oct 2017 MSC London 2014 Fire Rotational voyage from Chinese ports to Western European ports also calling at Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia), Tanger-Med (Morocco) and Jebel Ali (United Arab Emirates).
3 Oct 2017 Victoria Trader 2008 Collision China to Gwangyang, South Korea
25 Sep 2017 CMA CGM Gangles 2015 Grounded Rotational voyage from Far East ports to Mexico, Panama, Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Buenaventura (Colombia)
25 Sep 2017 Azov 1987 Grounded From Astrakhan, Russia to Amirabad, Iran
24 Sep 2017 Kokopo Chief 1991 Fire From Marsden Point to Tauranga Port, New Zealand
24 Sep 2017 Allin 1997 Cargo Overboard From Dikili Port, Turkey to unknown destination
23 Sep 2017 Bar 2014 Collision From Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Chittagong, Bangladesh
23 Sep 2017 Atlantic 1980 Grounded From Visby to Oskarshamn, Sweden
21 Sep 2017 Hai An 16 2013 Explosion From unknown port to Haiphong Port, Vietnam
21 Sep 2017 Scot Navigator 2017 Engine Failure Belfast to Inverness
20 Sep 2017 Bon Voyage n/a Grounded From Passau to Nuremberg, Germany
19 Sep 2017 Vita 1990 Engine Failure Bremen, Germany to Pasajes, Spain
19 Sep 2017 Hurricane Maria n/a General Enquiry N/A
18 Sep 2017 Tiksy 1990 Engine Failure Archangel, Russia to Alexandria, Egypt,
17 Sep 2017 Jawdat M 1978 Engine Failure From Rostov, Russia to Ambarli, Turkey
17 Sep 2017 MSC Ilona 2001 Adrift From Western Australian ports to Salalah (Oman) calling at Singapore and Colombo (Sri Lanka)
17 Sep 2017 MSC Sandra 2000 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Montreal (Canada), Antwerp (Belgium), Bremerhaven (Germany) Le Havre (France) and Liverpool (UK)
17 Sep 2017 Pan Crocus 2009 Grounded Kandla, India to Mesaieed, Qatar
16 Sep 2017 APL California 2009 Collision Voyage 185 from Yangshan, Ningbo, and Shekou, China, Busan, South Korea, Singapore, Port Said, Egypt, Malta and Koper, Slovenia to Rijeka, Croatia and Trieste and Venice, Italy
16 Sep 2017 Vinalines Fortuna 1991 Grounded Hon Gay, Vietnam to General Santos, Philippines
15 Sep 2017 Elena Topic 1999 Grounded From Thessaloniki, Greece to San Pedro, Ivory Coast
13 Sep 2017 Majorca 2005 Grounded From Nantong, China to Geelong, Australia
13 Sep 2017 Tina 2000 Engine Failure From Rio Grande, Brazil to China
12 Sep 2017 Falknies 1974 Ingress of Water From Haugesund and Jelsa, Norway to Ringkobing and Esbjerg, Denmark
11 Sep 2017 Kamaru 1983 Grounded Not known
9 Sep 2017 Livorno Storm n/a General Enquiry N/A
9 Sep 2017 Adiante 2009 Grounded From Brunsbuttel, Germany to Ust-Luga, Russia
9 Sep 2017 Begonia Seaways 2004 Grounded From Gothenburg, Sweden and Skaw, Denmark to Terneuzen, Netherlands and Ghent, Belgium
9 Sep 2017 Agia Zoni II 1972 Sank From Aspropyrgos to Perama, Greece
8 Sep 2017 Orhan 2013 Collision From Ruwais, United Arab Emirates to Chittagong, Bangladesh
8 Sep 2017 My Meray 1992 Collision From Beirut, Lebanon to Chittagong, Bangladesh
7 Sep 2017 Earthquake off Mexico n/a General Enquiry N/A
5 Sep 2017 Hurricane Irma n/a General Enquiry N/A
5 Sep 2017 Hurricane Irma n/a General Enquiry N/A
5 Sep 2017 Maersk Rosyth 2003 Engine Failure From Port Jerome, France to Rotterdam, Netherlands
4 Sep 2017 Golden Destiny 2001 Engine Failure From Belawan to Balikpapan, Indonesia
2 Sep 2017 Reef Elaf 1990 Sank Sharjah, U.A.E. to Eritrea
1 Sep 2017 Hanseatic Trader 2001 Engine Failure From Aviles, Spain to Brest, France
30 Aug 2017 Panormitis.AV 1996 Engine Failure Sri Rachia, Thailand to Colombo, Sri Lanka
30 Aug 2017 CSL Laurentien 1977 Grounded Two Harbors to Nanticoke, Canada
29 Aug 2017 Bro Anna 2008 Engine Failure Montreal to Oakville, Canada,
29 Aug 2017 Srikandi Indonesia 1999 Collision Panjang to Tarahan, Indonesia
29 Aug 2017 Star of Sawara 2008 Grounded Ust-Lga, Russia to New Orleans, U.S.A.
28 Aug 2017 Mohunbagan-IV 1999 Grounded Haldia, India. to Meghna River, Bangladesh
28 Aug 2017 Beaufort 2010 Grounded Richards Bay, South Africa to India
25 Aug 2017 Hurricane Harvey n/a General Enquiry N/A
25 Aug 2017 Mona 1986 Sank Iranian and UAE ports
25 Aug 2017 Kamome Victoria 2011 Grounded New York to New Orleans, USA.,
24 Aug 2017 Quadro n/a Grounded Deggendorf, Germany to Straubing, Germany
24 Aug 2017 SE Panthea 2009 Grounded Kaohsiung to Huangpu
24 Aug 2017 Zhang Hong No 1 1984 Grounded From Hong Kong
23 Aug 2017 Viet Hai 06 2009 Sank Southern Ba Ria Vung Tau province to central Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
23 Aug 2017 Gem No 8 2007 Grounded From Dongguan, China to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
23 Aug 2017 Hon Chun 1989 Grounded Hong Kong to Taichung, Taiwan
22 Aug 2017 Archer 1993 Engine Failure From Tulcea, Romania to Bandirma, Turkey
22 Aug 2017 Maersk Pembroke 1998 Fire From Bremerhaven (Germany) to Montreal (Canada) calling at Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Antwerp (Belgium)
21 Aug 2017 Alnic MC 2008 Collision Pyeongtaek, South Korea to Singapore
20 Aug 2017 Yangtze Harmony 2012 Ingress of Water Shanghai to Singapore
19 Aug 2017 Xin Dong Yuan 2009 Collision Between Chinese Ports
19 Aug 2017 FG Levent 1998 Engine Failure From Ancona, Italy to Carboneras, Spain, calling at Koper, Slovenia and Gulluk, Turkey
18 Aug 2017 Ikra 1983 Ingress of Water From Antalya Port to Dortyol Port, Turkey
17 Aug 2017 Sinica Graeca 2015 Collision Muara Berau, Indonesia to Singapore
17 Aug 2017 Chemroad Mega 2000 Collision From Singapore to Taichung, Taiwan
17 Aug 2017 Sinica Graeca 2015 Collision Muara Berau, Indonesia to Indian ports
16 Aug 2017 Tanja Rickmers 2009 Machinery Failure rotational schedule between Dakar (Senegal) , Tangier (Morocco) and Algeciras (Spain),
16 Aug 2017 Arsland 2008 Grounded From London, UK to Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Dunkirk (France),
14 Aug 2017 CSCL Jupiter 2011 Grounded Rotational voyage from Chinese ports, calling at Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas and Port Klang (Malaysia), Piraeus (Greece), Antwerp (Belgium), Hamburg (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Felixstowe and S
14 Aug 2017 Clia 2012 Grounded From Kaohsiung to Sinda Port, Taiwan
14 Aug 2017 Warehouse Fire n/a Fire Qing Pu District, Shanghai
14 Aug 2017 Passama 2012 Contact Incheon, South Korea to Hodeidah, Yemen
13 Aug 2017 CSCL 2005 Fire Rotational voyage calling at Qianwan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Chiwan (China), Singapore, Port Klang, Manila (Indonesia), and Chennai (India) ,
13 Aug 2017 Cheshire 2012 Fire From Porsgrunn, Norway to Thailand
11 Aug 2017 Able 1991 Collision From Mariupol, Ukraine to Ashdod, Israel
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For further details of any of these incidents, or to instruct us, click on the vessel name.

For information on casualties not listed above CONTACT US.