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In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Casualty Date Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty type Voyage Details
18 Feb 2018 CEG Universe 1988 Adrift From Kilroot to Kyle, UK
9 Feb 2018 Energy Prosperity 1998 Adrift From Tarakan Island, Indonesia to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
8 Feb 2018 Emma 2007 Adrift From Halmstad, Sweden to Ayr, UK
21 Jan 2018 Diana 2007 Adrift Dunkirk to Haifa
17 Jan 2018 Pretty Ivy 2011 Adrift Dublin to Ymuiden
6 Dec 2017 Fetekoz 2007 Adrift From Savannah, USA to Bayonne, France
7 Apr 2018 Wilson Limerick 2012 Adrift Dunkirk, France to Cuxhaven, Germany
28 Nov 2017 Hao Heng 11 2006 Adrift From Shanghai, China to Shiogama, Japan
17 Jan 2018 St Bliss 2005 Adrift Mokpo, Korea to Yokohama, Japan
5 Oct 2017 Splendid Ace 2003 Adrift Davisville, USA to Emden, Germany
24 Oct 2017 Evangelia L 2015 Adrift Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala to China
28 Nov 2017 Ct Cork 2008 Adrift Puerto Rico to Yalova, Turkey
1 Nov 2017 Bilal Bal 1974 Capsized From Istanbul to Samsun, Turkey
26 Dec 2017 Mekhanik Yartsev 1990 Cargo Overboard Riga, Latvia to Warrenpoint, Northern Ireland
5 Jan 2018 MSC Eloane 2016 Cargo Overboard From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Tangier, Morocco
20 Jan 2018 CMA CGM G. Washington 2017 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage no. 273TXE calling at Fuqing, Nansha, Hong Kong, Yantian, Xiamen (China), Los Angeles and Oakland (USA),
9 Dec 2017 Leonie P 1997 Cargo Overboard Bremerhaven, Germany to Morocco
3 Mar 2018 Maersk Shanghai 2016 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage calling at New York, Virginia, Charleston, Savannah, Miami (USA), Bahamas, Singapore, Xiamen, Kaohsiung, Mawan, Yantian (China), Cai Mep (Vietnam)
29 Jan 2018 Helene G. 2001 Cargo Overboard From Hull, UK to Klaipeda, Lithuania
3 Jan 2018 Lady Ariane 2015 Cargo Overboard From Varberg, Sweden to Newport, UK
2 Nov 2017 Ever Smart 2008 Cargo Overboard From Teipei, Taiwan to Los Angeles, USA
30 Dec 2017 Adamastos 2010 Cargo Overboard From Busan, South Korea to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico and Balboa, Panama
31 Dec 2017 MSC Algeciras 2013 Cargo Overboard From Tangiers, Morocco to Southampton, UK
31 Jan 2018 New Confidence 2005 Collision Milazzo, Italy to Kr Yos, South Korea
27 Nov 2017 Jin Ze Lun n/a Collision From Huangpu, China to unknown destination
27 Nov 2017 Shun Jin Long n/a Collision Between Chinese Ports
17 Mar 2018 Dong Kun 7 2003 Collision From Shimonoseki to Tagonoura, Japan
17 Mar 2018 Shoei Maru No.8 1993 Collision Yokkaichi to a Japanese port
31 Oct 2017 Li Dian 2 2010 Collision From Tangshan to Jiang Yin, China
9 Nov 2017 Nearchos 1998 Collision Tanjung Bara, Indonesia to China
15 Jan 2018 Aracari Arrow 1992 Collision From Vlissingen, Netherlands to Rouen, France
15 Jan 2018 Ethane Opal 2017 Collision From Houston, USA to Dahej, India
7 Apr 2018 Heung-A Tokyo 1996 Collision Rotational voyage calling at Busan (South Korea), Tsushima, Imabari and Matsuyama (Japan)
3 Mar 2018 MSC Madrid 2011 Collision Rotational voyage calling at Le Havre (France), Felixstowe (UK), Bremerhaven, Hamburg (Germany), Antwerp (Belgium), Sines (Portugal), Piraeus (Greece), Gemlik, Ambarli, Tekirdag and Nemrut Bay Turkey
31 Oct 2017 Pollux 2009 Collision Hamburg to Bremerhaven
21 Nov 2017 BMC Calypso 1998 Collision from Ko Sichang, Thailand to Chittagong, Bangladesh
10 Dec 2017 Formosa Sixteen 2007 Collision from Fujairah, United Arab Emirates to Umm Qasr Port Iraq
21 Nov 2017 Adirondack 2010 Collision from Istanbul, Turkey to Chittagong, Bangladesh
6 Jan 2018 Sanchi 2008 Collision Kharg Island, Iran to Daesan, South Korea
6 Jan 2018 CF Crystal 2011 Collision Kalama, USA to Machong, China
3 Mar 2018 Primula Seaways 2004 Collision Terneuzen to Ghent, Belgium
21 Nov 2017 Kmarin Busan 2014 Collision from Chaozhou, China to Chittagong, Bangladesh
6 Mar 2018 Viet Thuan 68 2008 Collision Haiphong Lower, Vietnam to another Vietnamese port
17 Apr 2018 Crystal Sunrise 2013 Collision From Umm Said, Qatar to Singapore
21 Nov 2017 MSC Luciana 2009 Collision From Singapore to Busan, Korea, calling at Tianjin, China
21 Feb 2018 VSG Dream 2000 Collision Tamano to Takamatsu
17 Apr 2018 Astro Saturn 2003 Collision From Singapore to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia
21 Feb 2018 TY Gloria 2009 Collision Osaka to Takamatsu
9 Jan 2018 Maersk Karachi 1998 Collision Rotational voyage from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), calling at Salalah (Oman), Khalifa Port and Jebel Ali (United Arab Emirates), Magdalla and Jawaharlal Nehru Port (India), Port Said (Egypt), Ambarli and Y
27 Mar 2018 Delphis Gdansk 2017 Collision Rotterdam, Netherlands to St Petersburg, Russia
8 Oct 2017 Skiff 1976 Collision Icdas, Turkey to Varna, Bulgaria
7 Oct 2017 Conti Basel 2003 Collision From Singapore to Hong Kong
6 Oct 2017 He Bo 2011 Collision From Tangshan to Shidao, China
19 Mar 2018 BBC Virginia 2010 Collision From Tornio, Finland to Umea, Sweden
6 Oct 2017 Tientsin 2016 Collision Shanghai to Chittagong
25 Feb 2018 Ourania 1998 Collision St Petersburg to Ashdod
12 Dec 2017 MSC Leanne 2017 Collision From Gdansk (Poland) to Busan (South Korea), calling at Bremerhaven (Germany), Felixstowe (UK), Yangshan and Dalian (China)
20 Mar 2018 Britannica Hav 1985 Collision From Santander (Spain) to Keadby (UK), calling at Pasajes (Spain)
10 Dec 2017 Hyundai Ulsan 2011 Collision Shuaiba, Kuwait to Umm Qasr, Iraq
19 Mar 2018 Hamburg Bay 2009 Collision Rotational voyage calling at Karachi (Pakistan), Jebel Ali (UAE), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Port Klang (Malaysia), Singapore, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Da Chan Bay (China)
27 Mar 2018 BBC Neptune 2010 Collision Ust-Luga, Russia to Gothenburg, Sweden
21 Jan 2018 Satsuki 1997 Collision Keelung, Taiwan to Hai Phong, Vietnam
31 Oct 2017 Dal Karoo 2013 Collision From Durban and Cape Town (South Africa) calling at Maasvlakte (Netherlands), London Gateway (UK) and Bremerhaven (Germany) to Rotterdam (Netherlands).
2 Jan 2018 Xinwang 138 2008 Collision Pingtan, China to Shanghai, China
31 Jan 2018 Passat 2015 Collision Port Angeles, USA to Pyongtaek, South Korea
11 Jan 2018 Elke W 2006 Collision From Southampton, UK to Antwerp, Belgium,
2 Jan 2018 Chang Ping 1994 Collision From Yingkou to Shanghai, China
9 Jan 2018 Oguz Sofuoglu 1985 Collision Gebze, Turkey to Constantza
11 Oct 2017 Eden Bay 2008 Collision From Macapa to Manaus, Brazil
3 Oct 2017 Victoria Trader 2008 Collision China to Gwangyang, South Korea
19 Mar 2018 Tolten 2012 Collision Jebel Ali to Karachi
2 Nov 2017 O.M. Iridium 2008 Collision Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam to Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia
11 Oct 2017 Mazury 2005 Collision From Macapa to Itacoatiara, Brazil
2 Nov 2017 TRF Kaya 2007 Collision Hong Kong & China to Vietnam
16 Jan 2018 Feng Hai 18 2009 Collision Baoshan to Dongguan, China
12 Dec 2017 Sea Leader 2007 Contact From / To Russian ports
11 Nov 2017 Mount Hoe 2014 Contact From Tubarao, Brazil to Bremen, Germany
11 Nov 2017 CSCL Yellow Sea 2014 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Yantian, Shekou (China), Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia), Ashdod, Haifa (Israel), El Dekheila (Egypt), Piraeus (Greece)
23 Jan 2018 Meridian Express 2013 Contact from Lagos, Nigeria to Gibraltar
15 Apr 2018 Royal 09 2011 Contact Dong Nai, Vietnam to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
31 Dec 2017 Elsa Essberger 2013 Contact From Antwerp, Belgium to Malmo, Sweden
9 Mar 2018 Kuo Chang 1999 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Ningbo, Shanghai (China), Keelung, Taichung and Kaohsiung (Taiwan)
5 Oct 2017 Cygnus Leader 2007 Contact From Bremerhaven, Germany to Halifax (Canada), New York, Baltimore, Jackson, Houston (USA)
22 Mar 2018 PAC Seginus 2012 Contact Kandla, India to Suez
8 Jan 2018 Hansa Meersburg 2007 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Cat Lai (Vietnam), Chiwan, Hong Kong and Xiamen (China), Osaka, Kobe and Moji (Japan), Busan (South Korea) and Keelung (Taiwan)
21 Nov 2017 New Breeze 2010 Contact Shanghai to Chittagong
23 Jan 2018 Southern Light 2015 Contact Vila Do Conde, Brazil to Alexandria, Egypt
17 Jan 2018 St Glory 2001 Contact Funabashi to Chiba
15 Feb 2018 Dvadesetprvi Maj 2012 Contact From Dneprovsko-Bugsky, Ukraine to Burgas, Bulgaria
17 Jan 2018 Emma 1999 Contact Chiba Port to Funabashi, Japan
27 Nov 2017 Titian Murni 1967 Contact Semarang, Indonesia to Merek, Indonesia
27 Nov 2017 Nusa Agung 1970 Contact Mersk, Indonesia to Priuk, Indonesia
19 Feb 2018 Akacia 2004 Contact Rotational voyage from Hamburg, calling at Bremerhaven (Germany), Gdansk (Poland), St. Petersburg (Russia)
18 Feb 2018 Robijn 2008 Dragged Anchor Hamina, Finland to Terneuzen, Netherlands
19 Feb 2018 Hollandia 2007 Damage to Hull From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Willemstad, Curacao and Aruba
11 Nov 2017 Kom 1997 Engine Failure From Nordenham, Germany to Murmansk, Russia
14 Mar 2018 Wilson Harrier 1993 Engine Failure Grindavik, Iceland to Bergen, Norway
20 Feb 2018 BBC Switerland 2008 Engine Failure Hamburg, Germany to Manta, Ecuador,
5 Mar 2018 St Elias 1997 Engine Failure New Amsterdam, Guyana to Dneprobugskiy, Ukraine
8 Oct 2017 Tasco Sakorn 2009 Engine Failure Cigading, Indonesia to Fremantle, Australia
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For further details of any of these incidents, or to instruct us, click on the vessel name.

For information on casualties not listed above CONTACT US.