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Cargo Claims : Settlement

You want your claims to be settled promptly and with the least possible administration expense. We can offer a number of settling methods:

  • Claims Fund – We hold a fund for you and settle claims within certain limits on your behalf immediately. We account to you on a regular (e.g. monthly) basis for the claims we have paid within the agreed limit or upon your specific authority. You make one single payment to replenish the fund. This is the fastest and most efficient way for us to settle claims on your behalf. Your claimants receive funds promptly and from a local source. Your own accounting and banking effort and expense are substantially reduced.
  • Letter of Credit – Where government exchange controls or our client’s internal rules require, we can operate through a letter of credit established at a UK, Singapore or US bank. We will present our Memorandum of Claim together with other documentation you prescribe to the bank concerned to obtain funds to settle the claim on your behalf.
  • Single Application – We appreciate that if you are new to us or only use us to settle claims in certain parts of the world, you prefer to control directly what claims we are paying on your behalf. In this case we will write to you event by event with the adjusted claim and agreed set of documents and you remit the necessary funds to us. You can pay in either of our three operating currencies (USD, GBP and EUR) and to the same bank account every time. You also profit from our established system to handle and remit international payments world-wide. However, bank charges will add to your expense and because this method also results in more work for us, our charges will be higher.
  • Virtual Office – For larger accounts, we can arrange for cheques to be issued directly from a bank account held in your name and for our correspondence to be conducted in your name.
  • Adjustment Only – When the claim is payable in our client’s home country, we normally present our Memorandum of Claim to the client for direct payment. Some of our clients also prefer to pay certain or all other claims direct, we are happy to oblige with your requirements either on a permanent or case by case basis.