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In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Casualty Date Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty type Voyage Details
1 Apr 2020 Hurst Point 2002 Damage to Hull From Sorreisa, Norway to Dundee, UK
1 Apr 2020 Sunrise Sambu 2004 Contact From Kawasaki, Japan to Ulsan, South Korea
29 Mar 2020 Liverpool Express 2002 Engine Failure Rotational voyage calling at Tanger-Mediterranean (Morocco), Sagunto, Vigo and Malaga (Spain), Salerno, Livorno and Genoa (Italy), and Montreal (Canada)
29 Mar 2020 AG Valor 2004 Grounded From San Lorenzo, Argentina to Hodeidah, Yemen
28 Mar 2020 Aqua Sprinter II 1982 Sank From Saarlouis--Dillingen port to Ruhr River port(s)
27 Mar 2020 Belita 2006 Grounded Rotational voyage calling at Houston, Mobile, New Orleans, Tampa and Miami (USA), Tangier-Mediterranean (Morocco), Singapore, Cai Mep (Vietnam), Hong Kong, Shekou, Ningbo and Yangshan (China).
25 Mar 2020 India - COVID-19 Lockdown n/a General Enquiry N/A
23 Mar 2020 Kaami 1994 Grounded From Belfast, UK to Slite, Sweden calling at Drogheda, Eire
22 Mar 2020 MSC Talia F 2005 Piracy From Lome, Togo to Libreville, Gabon
19 Mar 2020 Houston Container Terminals n/a General Enquiry Not Applicable
19 Mar 2020 Algoma Conveyor 2019 Grounded From Windsor and Sarnia Shell Terminal, Canada to Green Bay, USA,
17 Mar 2020 Lavr 1996 Engine Failure From Vlissingen, Netherlands to Jorf Lasfar, Morocco
17 Mar 2020 Lady I 2007 Grounded From San Lorenzo, Argentina to unknown destination port(s)
17 Mar 2020 Kelly C 2010 Grounded From Petit Couronne and Rouen, France to Casablanca, Morocco
16 Mar 2020 RMS Wanheim 1990 Machinery Failure From Great Yarmouth, UK to Pasajes, Spain
16 Mar 2020 Shaman 1988 Grounded From Rostov-on-Don, Russia to unknown destination port
15 Mar 2020 Rova 1997 Engine Failure From Rekefjord, Norway to Wilhelmshaven, Germany
12 Mar 2020 Duban 1983 Sank From Puerto Madero to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico
10 Mar 2020 Stadt Dresden 2006 Collision Rotational voyage calling at Tanger-Mediterranean and Casablanca (Morocco), Barcelona (Spain), Yarimca and Ambarli (Turkey) and Constantza (Romania)
9 Mar 2020 Thekla 1972 Contact From and to Rhine ports
8 Mar 2020 Starmi 1995 Machinery Failure From Lulea and Slite (Sweden) to Randers (Denmark)
5 Mar 2020 Baltic Grain Terminal, Gdynia n/a Fire Grain
5 Mar 2020 San Matias I 2005 Grounded From Comodoro Rivadavia to Puerto Rosales, Argentina
4 Mar 2020 Brave Warrior 1972 Contact From Nemrut Bay, Turkey to unknown destination
3 Mar 2020 Aeolian Grace 2007 Grounded From Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil to Singapore
1 Mar 2020 Von Perle 1991 Grounded From Reni, Ukraine to Famagusta, Cyprus calling at Isaccea, Romania
1 Mar 2020 Donau K 2012 Grounded From Shibushi and Mizushima, Japan to Newcastle, Australia
29 Feb 2020 Guo Xing 1 2005 Collision From Hattaro (Japan) to Pyeong Taek (South Korea)
28 Feb 2020 CL Fair 2015 Engine Failure From Mumbai, India to Setubal (Portugal), Bilbao (Spain), Montoir (France) and Antwerp (Belgium)
27 Feb 2020 Guttenberg 1971 Contact From Ludwigshafen am Rhein to Gernsheim, Germany
24 Feb 2020 Rea n/a Ingress of Water From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Neuss, Germany
24 Feb 2020 Stellar Banner 2016 Listing From Ponta da Madeira, Brazil to Qingdao, China
22 Feb 2020 Leon Zues 2008 Machinery Failure From Tuapse (Russia) to Kalamata (Greece)
22 Feb 2020 Sea Hermes 2013 Engine Failure San Nicolas, San Lorenzo and Arroyo Seco (Argentina) to Gdynia (Poland)
22 Feb 2020 Missouriborg 2000 Adrift Setubal (Portugal) to Pori (Finland),
22 Feb 2020 Volcan de Teneguia 2007 Fire From Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands) to Cadiz (Spain),
21 Feb 2020 Bonnville 2010 Engine Failure From Rosario, Argentina to unknown destination port
20 Feb 2020 Linda Kosan 2011 Machinery Failure From Bilbao, Spain to Terneuzen, Netherlands
20 Feb 2020 Fabienne 2004 Engine Failure Rotational voyage from Felixstowe (UK) calling at Antwerp (Belgium), Diliskelesi, Ambarli and Gemlik (Turkey)
20 Feb 2020 Alpine Penelope 2008 Piracy From Amsterdam, Netherlands to Lagos, Nigeria
20 Feb 2020 Hak 1983 Fire From Berdyansk, Ukraine to Haifa, Israel
19 Feb 2020 Epic Burano 2002 Fire Port Sudan (Sudan) to Kalamata (Greece) ,
19 Feb 2020 Zea Tokyo 2002 CharterParty Dispute From Antwerp, Belgium to Indian port(s) of discharge
19 Feb 2020 Arklow Bay 2014 Machinery Failure From Bilbao, Spain to Waterford, Eire
18 Feb 2020 Pampero 1980 Grounded From and to French ports
18 Feb 2020 AS Filippa 2008 Grounded Rotational voyage from Colon, Panama calling at Cartagena and Barranquilla, Colombia
16 Feb 2020 Wish Way 2010 Contact From Taicang, China to Willemstad, Curacao
14 Feb 2020 E.R. Seoul 2000 Collision Rotational voyage from Antwerp (Belgium), calling at Hamburg (Germany), Le Havre (France), London Gateway (UK), Veracruz and Altamira (Mexico), Houston and New Orleans (USA)
11 Feb 2020 BG Jade 2018 Cargo Overboard Cork, Eire to Rotterdam, Netherlands
11 Feb 2020 BG Jade 2018 Cargo Overboard From Cork, Eire to Rotterdam, Netherlands,
9 Feb 2020 Celtic Freedom 2002 Engine Failure From Klaipeda, Lithuania to unknown destination
7 Feb 2020 BBC Ursa 2000 Engine Failure Piraeus, Greece to Venice, Italy,
3 Feb 2020 Graha Angkasa I 1995 Sank To and from Indonesian ports
2 Feb 2020 Barge ACL 017000 1976 Sank To and from US ports
1 Feb 2020 Tamarack 2003 Engine Failure From Conakry, Guinea to D''Bugskiy, Ukraine
31 Jan 2020 Jumbo Vision 2000 Cargo Overboard From Rostock, Germany to unknown destination
29 Jan 2020 Maersk Batur 2009 Engine Failure Rotational voyage calling at Tangier (Morocco), Piraeus (Greece), Ambarli (Turkey), Yuzhny (Ukraine), Novorossiysk (Russia), Algeciras (Spain), New York and New Jersey (USA), Colon (Panama), Buenavent
27 Jan 2020 CMA CGM Ural 2015 General Enquiry Rotational voyage calling at Yangshan, Ningbo, Xiamen and Shekou (China), Singapore, Port Said (Egypt), Beirut and Tripoli (Lebanon), Yarimca and Ambarli (Turkey), Constantza (Romania), Odessa (Ukrain
26 Jan 2020 Zernograd 2001 Grounded From Azov, Russia to Trabzon, Turkey
26 Jan 2020 RC Creppel 2020 Sank From and to US ports
25 Jan 2020 Valiant 1993 Machinery Failure From Poole to St Peter Port and St Helier, UK
24 Jan 2020 Clipper Eirene 2019 Grounded From Houston, USA to Cristobal, Panama
24 Jan 2020 BW Acorn 2010 Fire From Fangcheng, China to Suez, Egypt
24 Jan 2020 Star Athena 2012 Grounded From Rosario and Bahia Blanca, Argentina to Australian port(s)
24 Jan 2020 Hooge 2006 Grounded From Zeebrugge, Netherlands to St. Petersburg, Russia
23 Jan 2020 Xin Jin Yang 2004 Contact From Al Basra, Iraq to Chinese port(s)
23 Jan 2020 Ades 2008 Machinery Failure From Haifa, Israel to Tuzla, Turkey
23 Jan 2020 Pollux 2008 Grounded From Livorno, Italy to Lidkoping, Sweden
23 Jan 2020 Reem 5 1983 Sank From Basrah, Iraq to Okha, India
22 Jan 2020 Ormi 2006 Engine Failure From Kherson, Ukraine to Port Said, Egypt
19 Jan 2020 Em Oinousses 2000 Fire Rotational voyage calling at Mombasa (Kenya), Zanzibar City (Tanzania), Port Reunion (Reunion), Beira and Maputo (Mozambique)
6 Jan 2020 Aeolos 2001 Machinery Failure Diliskelesi, Turkey to San Nicholas, Argentina
5 Jan 2020 Cosco Pacific 2008 Fire Shanghai, China calling at Ningbo, Shekou, Nansha (China), Singapore, Port Kelang (Malaysia), Colombo (Sri Lanka), Nhava Sheva (India) and Karachi (Pakistan)
4 Jan 2020 Northern Jupiter 2010 Engine Failure Rotational service between Laem Chabang (Thailand), Singapore, Port Klang and Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia), Freemantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, (Australia)
3 Jan 2020 Moraime 2008 Machinery Failure From Vigo, Spain to Casablanca, Morocco
1 Jan 2020 Lady Sham 2001 Engine Failure From Damietta, Egypt to Tripoli, Lebanon
1 Jan 2020 Hunkar 1991 Engine Failure From Yeysk, Russia to Tuzla, Turkey
1 Jan 2020 Sung Fatt 36 n/a Grounded From Lumut and Port Klang to Miri and Bintulu, Malaysia
31 Dec 2019 Happy Lady 2013 Piracy From Antwerp, Belgium to Limboh, Cameroon
30 Dec 2019 Med Samsun 2003 Machinery Failure From Tekirdag to Gulluk, Turkey calling at Diliskelesi, Gemlik and Port Akdeniz
30 Dec 2019 Cote D''Ivoirian Star 1998 Struck S/Mrgd Object From Dakar, Senegal to Portsmouth, UK
27 Dec 2019 Atlantic Monterrey 2017 Collision From Richards Bay, South Africa to Kandla Port, India calling at Muhammad Bin Qasim, Pakistan
27 Dec 2019 Songa Iridium 2008 Grounded Odessa, Ukraine to Constantza, Romania
26 Dec 2019 Zelek Star 2005 Grounded Vassiliko, Cyprus to Ashdod, Israel
25 Dec 2019 Nevado-35 2006 Grounded Yeysk, Russia to Catania, Italy
24 Dec 2019 Ikan Leban 2014 Grounded From San Lorenzo, Argentina to port(s) in Chile
24 Dec 2019 Presinge Trader 2016 Engine Failure Incheon and Gunsan, South Korea to port(s), Canada
24 Dec 2019 Li Fung 1994 Shift of Cargo From Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Busan, South Korea
23 Dec 2019 Edelweiss 2004 Grounded From Taboneo port, Indonesia to ports in South Korea
21 Dec 2019 Cdry Blue 2010 Engine Failure From Cagliari, Italy to Alicante, Spain
19 Dec 2019 Alukard 2003 Collision From Mannheim, Germany to unknown destination
18 Dec 2019 CSL Niagara 1972 Grounded From Thunder Bay to Port Colborne, Canada
18 Dec 2019 Sea Mark 1984 Fire General Santos, Philippines to Majuro Atoll, Marshall Islands
15 Dec 2019 Ecomar G.O 2008 Fire From Rizhao, China to Newcastle, Australia
15 Dec 2019 Duke 2003 Piracy From Luanda, Angola to Lome, Togo
15 Dec 2019 Tecumseh 1973 Fire Thunder Bay to Windsor, Canada
14 Dec 2019 Norholm 1995 Grounded Kaliningrad, Russia to Marstal, Denmark
14 Dec 2019 BBG Qinzhou 2019 Machinery Failure From Vancouver, Canada to Seattle, USA
12 Dec 2019 Elbtrader 2008 Machinery Failure From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Dublin, Eire
12 Dec 2019 Azurite 2008 Engine Failure From Antwerp, Belgium to the North Sea
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For further details of any of these incidents, or to instruct us, click on the vessel name.

For information on casualties not listed above CONTACT US.