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Cargo Casualty : Recent Casualties

In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty Date Casualty type Voyage Details
Rumba 2003 10/4/2019 Engine Failure Hamburg to Bremerhaven,
Al Fayrouz 1980 8/4/2019 Fire Suez, Egypt to Djibouti City, Djibouti,
Samoana 1999 5/4/2019 Engine Failure Honolulu, USA to Papeete, French Polynesia ,
Chemical Marketer 2004 1/4/2019 Collision Iskenderun, Turkey to Antwerp, Belgium
Sheng Tai 1997 1/4/2019 Fire Shanghai, China to Ulsan, South Korea
Navios Unison 2010 29/3/2019 Engine Failure Hamburg to Rotterdam
Ionian Star 2019 29/3/2019 Engine Failure Liverpool, UK to Slovag, Norway
Enny 1980 27/3/2019 Grounded Bueztfleth, Germany to Nykobing, Denmark
Oslo Fjord 1 2009 27/3/2019 Grounded Saraylar, Turkey to Dordrecht, Netherlands
Hagland Captain 2012 23/3/2019 Engine Failure Karlskrona, Sweden to Skogn, Norway,
Ocean Promise 2001 21/3/2019 Engine Failure Algeciras, Spain to Aliaga, Turkey
Hansa Steinburg 2010 21/3/2019 Contact On rotational voyage from Yingkou, Wei Hai, Dalian and Dayao Bay (China) to Tokyo and Yokohama (Japan)
Jana Desagnes 1993 21/3/2019 Machinery Failure Come by Chance to Clarkson, Canada,
APL Guam 2001 21/3/2019 Contact On rotational voyage from Apra (Guam), Saipan (Northern Mariana Islands), Okpo, Busan (South Korea), to Tshushima, Shimonoseki and Yokohama (Japan)
Marcliff 2007 21/3/2019 Contact On rotational voyage from Keelung, Taichung and Kaoshing (Taiwan), Hong Kong, Chiwan, Qinzhou (China), Haiphong (Vietnam) to Tokyo, Kawasaki, Yokohoma, and Nagoya (Japan)
Caravos Harmony 2013 17/3/2019 Collision Tacoma, USA to Incheon, South Korea
Grande Roma 2003 17/3/2019 Machinery Failure Antwerp, Belgium to Southampton, UK
Agios Georgios I 1986 15/3/2019 Grounded Syros to Gavrio, Greece
Impala 2008 15/3/2019 Listing Ijmuiden, Netherlands to Diliskelesi, Turkey
Amadeus 2001 14/3/2019 Engine Failure Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom to Bilbao, Spain,
Ganta Bhum 1995 14/3/2019 Collision On rotational voyage between Tuticorin, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka
Maryland 1992 13/3/2019 Grounded Mariupol, Ukraine to Marghera, Italy
Spanaco Progress 2007 12/3/2019 Engine Failure Damietta, Egypt to European Port
Blue Star 1 2005 11/3/2019 Engine Failure Samsun, Turkey to Piraeus, Greece
Lomur 2002 11/3/2019 Heavy Weather Damage Reykjavik, Iceland to Argentia, Canada
Grande America 1997 10/3/2019 Fire Rotational voyage from Zarate (Argentina), Montevideo (Uruguay), Santos and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Dakar (Senegal), Valencia (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium), Hamburg (Germany) and Casablanca (Morocco),
Roseburg 1991 10/3/2019 Engine Failure Riga, Latvia to Shoreham U.K.
Wilson Thames 2000 7/3/2019 Engine Failure Butzfleth, Germany to Amsterdam
Seacod 2006 4/3/2019 Fire Ust-Luga, Russia to Antwerp
Histria Ivory 2006 4/3/2019 Piracy Freetown, Sierra Leone to Monrovia, Liberia
Tianjin 2010 2/3/2019 Collision Yangshan to Busan
Safmarine Nokwanda 2005 2/3/2019 Collision Yokohama to Busan
E. R. Kobe 2001 1/3/2019 Fire from Port Klang, Malaysia to Singapore and Hong Kong,
Helsinki Bridge 2012 27/2/2019 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage from Singapore, Kobe, Nagoya, Tokyo, Shimizu (Japan), Qingdao, Ningbo, Yangshan (China), Busan (South Korea), Colon (Panama), New York, Boston, Wilmington (USA)
Hala B 1985 26/2/2019 Fire Trieste to Chioggia, Italy
Qing Yun Shan 2016 25/2/2019 Machinery Failure El Dekheila, Egypt to Bocas de Cenzia, Barranquilla, Colombia
SBI Hydra 2015 24/2/2019 Grounded South Louisiana Port to Selaata, Lebanon
Hoegh London 2008 24/2/2019 Damage to Hull From various eastern US ports to Tanger Med, Morocco and Gemlik, Turkey
Joy H 1997 23/2/2019 Grounded From Alexandria, Egypt to San Giorgio di Nogaro, Italy
EFE Murat 1997 23/2/2019 Grounded Ortona to Aliaga, Italy
Cemsea III 2001 20/2/2019 Machinery Failure From Liepaja, Latvia to Turku, Finland
MSXT Vivienne 2004 19/2/2019 Ingress of Water Puerto Bolivar, Colombia to Vlissingen, Netherlands
Raba 1984 19/2/2019 Collision Copenhagen, Denmark to Szczecin, Poland
Theresa Success 1996 17/2/2019 Grounded Chornomorsk, Ukraine to Istanbul
Stadt Dresden 2006 16/2/2019 Fire Rijeka to Venice to Damietta
Grand Light 1992 9/2/2019 Engine Failure Taganrog, Russia to Diliskelesi, Turkey
Listervik 1996 8/2/2019 Grounded Nakskov, Denmark to Norrköpin, Sweden
Peak Bilbao 2011 7/2/2019 Ingress of Water From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Bilbao, Spain
BSP I 1973 7/2/2019 Fire Bakauheni to Merak, Indonesia
Solomon Trader 1994 5/2/2019 Grounded Bintang, Solomon Islands to China (Longkou?)
Nicole C 2008 2/2/2019 Engine Failure Immingham, U.K. to Waterford, Eire
APL Vancouver 2013 31/1/2019 Fire China India Express (CIX) service, voyage no. 0IS1JW1PL. Rotational schedule calling at Shanghai, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, Singapore, Colombo, Nhava Sheva, Pipavav, Colombo, Port Klang, Sing
Ventura 2000 31/1/2019 Engine Failure Aveiro, Portugal to Szczecin, Poland
APL Vancouver 2013 31/1/2019 Fire Chiwan, China to Singapore
Sea Frontier 1989 30/1/2019 Grounded Johar, Malaysia to Singapore (EOPL)
Sunergon 2006 29/1/2019 Engine Failure Abidjan to Stavanger
Heba M 1995 29/1/2019 Cargo Overboard Paljassaare-Port of Tallinn, Estonia to Crotone, Italy
Olga Maersk 2003 29/1/2019 Fire Panama to Cartagena, Colombia (Voyage 837S),
Maintal n/a 28/1/2019 Collision Ludwigshafen to Duisburg, Germany
Ever Summit 2007 28/1/2019 Contact Ningbo, China to Vancouver, Canada
Oak 1983 27/1/2019 Grounded Liepaja, Latvia to Hallekis, Sweden
Kivalliq W 2004 27/1/2019 Fire Imperial Oil Wharves, Halifax to Quebec, Canada
Ugur Dadayli 2010 26/1/2019 Shift of Cargo Bilbao to Aviles, Spain
Aqasia 2011 26/1/2019 Engine Failure Agioi Theodoroi, Greece to Gebze, Turkey
Norvid 2002 25/1/2019 Contact Kalmar, Sweden to Gdansk, Poland
Visnes 1981 24/1/2019 Grounded Copenhagen to Kolding, Denmark
Alam Sayang 2013 24/1/2019 Engine Failure Laizhou, China to Vancouver, Canada ,
Largo 1990 24/1/2019 Listing From Alicante, Spain to Bejaia, Algeria
Limco Asia 2007 22/1/2019 Sank Vung Tau to Cai Lan, Vietnam
Manisa Kristin 2000 22/1/2019 Engine Failure Huelva, Spain to Gabes, Tunisia
Alexander Tvardovskiy 1996 20/1/2019 Grounded Riga, Latvia to Goole, United Kingdom
Lotus 2001 17/1/2019 Fire From Xingang, Tianjin and Shanghai (China) to Durban (South Africa), Luanda (Angola) and Tema (Ghana)
Francisca 1994 14/1/2019 Grounded From Duisburg to Iversheim, Germany
City of St. Petersburg 2010 14/1/2019 Damage to Hull From Grimsby, UK to Emden, Germany
Petkum 2008 14/1/2019 Engine Failure Helsinki to Bremerhaven
Antea 2002 13/1/2019 Collision Singapore Shell Refinery to Ambon, Indonesia
Trinidad Trader 2015 11/1/2019 Contact Caucedo, Dominican Republic to Puerto Cortes, Honduras
Good Luck 2018 10/1/2019 Grounded Bahia Blanca, Argentina to Lirquen, Chile and Ports in Peru and Ecuador
Wikanda Naree 2013 10/1/2019 Damage to Hull Chornomorsk, Ukraine to Turkish ports
Pictor 2002 10/1/2019 Grounded Ras Diheisa, Egypt to New Orleans
JSW Salem 2012 10/1/2019 Grounded Baltimore, USA to Kandla, India
Seamax New Haven 2005 9/1/2019 Cargo Overboard Hong Kong to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Qezban 2010 8/1/2019 Fire Lavrio, Greece to Yalova, Turkey
Volgo-Balt 214 1978 7/1/2019 Capsized Azov, Russia to Samsun, Turkey
Anna G. 1994 7/1/2019 Machinery Failure From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Husum, Germany
Daio Southern Cross 2012 7/1/2019 Collision From Cai Lan, Vietnam to Mishima-Kawanoe, Japan
Louis Auerbach 2007 6/1/2019 Grounded Rauma, Finland to Kiel Canal, Germany
Mark 1981 4/1/2019 Fire From Beirut, Lebanon and Mersin, Turkey to Izmail Port, Ukraine
Anglo Alexandria 2011 4/1/2019 Grounded Convent, USA to Suez Canal, Egypt
Sea Dolphin C 2011 4/1/2019 Collision Klaipeda, Lithuania to Chittagong
Atlantic Peach 2009 3/1/2019 Grounded Port Said, Egypt to Tripoli, Libya
AP Sveti Vlaho 2009 3/1/2019 Engine Failure San Pedro, Argentina to Ravenna, Italy
Yantian Express 2002 3/1/2019 Fire Colombo to Halifax via Suez Canal
MSC Mandy 1993 2/1/2019 Piracy Rotational voyage from San Pedro, Las Palmas, Agadir, Antwerp, Bremerhaven, St Petersburg to Le Havre, Sines,,Dakar, Conakry, Lome, Cotonou
MSC Zoe 2015 2/1/2019 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage from Singapore, Hong Kong, Qingdao (China), Busan (Korea), Ningbo, Tianjin, Yangshan, Yantian (China), Tanjung Pelepas (Malaysia) to Sines (Portugal), Bremerhaven (Germany
London 2000 2/1/2019 Sank Kaohsiung, Taiwan to Busan, South Korea
Anda 1993 31/12/2018 Listing Makassar to Tanjung Perak, Indonesia
Sincertiy Ace 2009 31/12/2018 Fire Yokohama, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii
Thetis D 2009 31/12/2018 Contact Hamburg to Stockholm
Nero 2013 29/12/2018 Listing From or to Antwerp, Belgium,
Qikiqtaaluk W 2011 29/12/2018 Engine Failure Savannah, U.S.A. to Bordeaux, France,
Ocean Princess 1985 28/12/2018 Grounded Dili, East Timor to Singapore
Namse Bangdzod 1993 28/12/2018 Missing vessel Sampit to Port Tanjung Priok, Indonesia
Hai Su 10 2007 26/12/2018 Collision Laem Chabang, Vietnam to Nansha, China
Ren Jian 15 2010 26/12/2018 Collision Guangzhou, China to Nansha, China
Sibel D 1992 22/12/2018 Grounded Nafplion to Volos, Greece
Granato 2000 20/12/2018 Engine Failure Rotterdam, Netherlands to Kaliningrad, Russia
Natalia 1983 19/12/2018 Grounded From Theodosia, Ukraine to Ambarli, Turkey and Black Sea ports
European Causeway 2000 18/12/2018 Heavy Weather Damage From Larne, Northern Ireland to Cairnryan, Scotland
Onego Haren 2010 17/12/2018 Shift of Cargo From La Rochelle-Pallice
Thea ll 1995 15/12/2018 Grounded Ijmuiden, Netherlands to Immingham
Luzon Strait 2007 15/12/2018 Shift of Cargo Prince Rupert, Canada to Lanshan, China
FG Levent 1998 15/12/2018 Listing Antwerp, Belgium to Skikda, Algeria
Arklow Valour 2017 13/12/2018 Grounded Port of Drogheda to Dublin, Ireland
Sam Lion 2012 13/12/2018 Engine Failure New Orleans to Port Marin, Spain
Rossana 2016 12/12/2018 Heavy Weather Damage Varberg, Sweden to USA
Cosco Aqaba 2013 9/12/2018 Fire Rotational Voyage calling at Haiphong (Vietnam), Shanghai, Zoushan Xiazhimen, Hong Kong, Shekou (China), Johor (Malaysia), Keppel (Singapore), Port Klang (Malaysia), Chennai, Kattupalli (India)
Amber 2008 9/12/2018 Grounded From Ceuta, Spain to Hornafjordur, Iceland
Rila 2017 7/12/2018 Adrift San Lorenzo, Argentine to Pula, Italy
Eurocargo Napoli 1995 5/12/2018 Engine Failure Olbia to Cagliari, Sardinia
Container Terminal Fire n/a 3/12/2018 Fire Containerised Cargo - Mumbai
Kasra 1 1991 1/12/2018 Grounded Aktau, Kazakhstan to Makhachkala, Russia
Kryssholm 2010 30/11/2018 Machinery Failure Frederiksvaerk, Denmark to Kaliningrad, Russia
Norrland 2006 29/11/2018 Engine Failure Rotterdam to Klaipeda
Prince Hadi 1997 29/11/2018 Contact Novorossiysk, Russia to Beirut, Lebanon
Heritage Leader 2011 28/11/2018 Engine Failure Le Havre, France to Jacksonville, USA
Mississagi n/a 27/11/2018 Engine Failure Windsor to Parry Sound, Canada
River Wind 1990 27/11/2018 Grounded Rostov, Russia to Nemrut Bay, Turkey
Grand Elena 2007 27/11/2018 Contact Prigorodnoye, Russia to Taiwan or Japan
Peak Oslo 1985 27/11/2018 Grounded Botlek, Netherlands to Flixborough, U.K.
Beautrader 2009 27/11/2018 Engine Failure Ipswich, UK to Georgetown, Guyana
Hua Yuan 9999 n/a 26/11/2018 Collision From and to ports in China
Maria G.O. 2011 26/11/2018 Grounded From Gladstone, Australia to Banyuquan, China
Nea Tyhi 2009 25/11/2018 Engine Failure San Lorenzo, Argentina to Bahia Blanca, Argentina (to load further cargo) then to China
PML 9000 1968 23/11/2018 Contact Sault Ste Marie to Windsor, Canada
Orel-3 1990 22/11/2018 Grounded Zaporozhye, Ukraine to a Greek port (unspecified)
MSC Katyayni 1996 19/11/2018 Contact Rotational Voyage calling at Diliskelesi, Ambarli, Izmir, Nemrut Bay, Mersin (Turkey) to Valencia, Castellon, Barcelona (Spain), Caronte (France) and Piraeus (Greece)
Raba 1984 19/11/2018 Grounded Faxe Ladeplads, Denmark to Aaberraa, Denmark
Blue Tune 2010 17/11/2018 Engine Failure Gydnia, Poland to Setubal, Portugal
Efi Theo 1997 17/11/2018 Collision Dneprobugskiy, Ukraine to Warri, Nigeria
Koravi 1985 16/11/2018 Grounded Volos, Greece to Shengjin, Albania
Centennial Harmony 2011 15/11/2018 Ingress of Water Seven Islands, Canada to Port Talbot, United Kingdom
Eems Cobalt 1993 15/11/2018 Contact Delfzijl, Netherlands to Pasajes, Spain
Vantage Key 2004 14/11/2018 Adrift Abu Qir, Egypt to Mongla, Bangladesh
Aria Vibe 1992 13/11/2018 Fire Mykolayiv, Ukraine to Haifa, Israel
Atina 2015 12/11/2018 Engine Failure From Novorossiysk, Russia to Malaysian port(s),
Rix Crystal 1993 10/11/2018 Grounded Aarhus, Denmark to Sprogo, Denmark
Golden Ocean 1984 10/11/2018 Fire From Banyuwangi to Bontang calling at Balikpapan, Indonesia
Gaslog Saratoga 2014 9/11/2018 Grounded From Sabine Pass, USA to Ali Agha, Turkey
Sola TS 2017 8/11/2018 Collision Sture, Norway to Tranmere U.K.
Eemsgracht 1995 8/11/2018 Engine Failure From Duluth, USA to Montreal, Canada
Strami 1992 8/11/2018 Machinery Failure Liepaja, Latvia to Ellesmere U.K
Snowlark 1984 8/11/2018 Grounded Rotterdam to Landskrona, Sweden for onward delivery to Northwestern Skane
Bonthi II 1981 6/11/2018 Adrift Tuticorin, India to Male, The Maldives
Mito Strait 2006 6/11/2018 Grounded Rotational voyage calling at Hamburg, Germany to Fredericia and Aarhus (Denmark) and Helsingborg and Gothenburg, Sweden
Navin Harrier 2009 5/11/2018 Engine Failure Ravenna, Italy to Istanbul, Turkey
Artemis 2005 5/11/2018 Grounded Texas, USA to Pajaritos Maritime Terminal, Coatzacoalcos, Mexico
Lady Amalia 2012 5/11/2018 Engine Failure From Belfast to London, United Kingdom
Fjordvik 1976 3/11/2018 Grounded From Aalborg, Denmark to Helguvik, Iceland
X-Press Brahmaputra 1998 3/11/2018 Contact New Mangalore, India to Colombo, Sri Lanka
Setsu Maru 2014 3/11/2018 Collision Kaohsiung to Naha
Svenja 2010 31/10/2018 Damage to Hull Teesport U.K. to Rostock, Germany
Glovis Sirius 2016 31/10/2018 Contact From Bremerhaven, Germany to Killingholme, UK
Inca Queen 2014 29/10/2018 Grounded From Ama Grain Terminal, Louisiana, USA to Buenaventura, Colombia
Nord Geranium 2014 27/10/2018 Grounded Fos Sur Mer, France to Romano, Albania
Pomerenia Sky 2007 27/10/2018 Piracy Luanda to Leixoes, Portugal via Onne, Nigeria
Nearchos 1968 27/10/2018 Grounded Mykonos to Thira, Santorini
Akaki 2013 24/10/2018 Engine Failure Seven Islands, Canada to Dunkirk, France
Arctic Rock 2014 24/10/2018 Engine Failure Emden, Germany to Eemshaven, Netherlands
Agios Georgios 1979 22/10/2018 Ingress of Water Nea Karvali to Gynthion, Greece
Hurricane Willa n/a 22/10/2018 General Enquiry N/A
Filyoz 2010 21/10/2018 Grounded La Plata to Concepcion del Uruguay, Argentina
Qamutik 1994 19/10/2018 Engine Failure Montreal to Sept-Isles
Kryssholm 2011 18/10/2018 Machinery Failure Nemrut Bay, Turkey to Ceuta, Spain
Ocean United 1993 18/10/2018 Collision Busan, South Korea to Manila
Sormovo 2 1981 18/10/2018 Grounded Astrakhan, Russia to Amirabad, Pakistan
Volgogrum 1998 17/10/2018 Grounded Kronshtadt to St Petersburg
Okskiy-49 1975 17/10/2018 Ingress of Water Kazan, Russia to Krasnokamsk, Russia
MSC Arushi R. 2002 17/10/2018 Engine Failure Rotational voyage calling at Boston, New York, Philadelphia (USA), Antwerp (Belgium), Bremerhaven (Germany), Rotterdam (Netherlands),
Yuan Hai 9 n/a 17/10/2018 Fire Guangzhou to Haikou
Austera 1981 17/10/2018 Grounded Borg, Norway to Varberg, Sweden
Maestro 2018 16/10/2018 Engine Failure Taranto, Italy to Port Saint Luis du Rhone, France
Liangchow 2015 15/10/2018 Fire Rayong IRPC Port, Thailand to Auckland, New Zealand
Baltic Breeze 1983 14/10/2018 Fire Drammen, Norway to Cuxhaven, Germany
Barnet 1989 13/10/2018 Engine Failure Constantza, Romania to Azov, Russia
Amadeus Aquamarijn 2000 13/10/2018 Engine Failure From Klaipeda, Lithuania to Lorient, France
CMA CGM Mumbai 2018 13/10/2018 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Rotterdam, Hamburg, London, Antwerp, Le Havre, Tanger, Jeddah, Jebel Ali, Karachi, Mumbai.
FOM 1981 13/10/2018 Sank Rostov on Don, Russia to Diler-Hereke, Turkey
Pacific Crown 2012 11/10/2018 Collision Gwangyang, South Korea to Singapore
Orient Pine 1999 9/10/2018 Machinery Failure Dongguan to Nansha, China calling at Longthanth, Vietnam and Rayong, Thailand
Orient Pine 1999 9/10/2018 Machinery Failure Dongguan to Nansha, China
Guo Yuan 1 1987 9/10/2018 Collision Nantong Port to Nanjing, China
Bosphorus King 1995 9/10/2018 Collision Oktyabrsk, Ukraine to Castellon, Spain
Hurricane Michael n/a 9/10/2018 General Enquiry Gulf of Mexico
Nila 1977 9/10/2018 Ingress of Water Azov, Russia to Giresun, Turkey
Ulysse 1997 7/10/2018 Collision Genoa, Italy to Rades, Tunisia
RMS Veritas 1995 7/10/2018 Contact Belfast to Greenock
Salsk 1995 7/10/2018 Grounded Azov to Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Volgo-Don 211 1977 6/10/2018 Grounded Rostov-on-Don to Kavkaz, Russia
Griftbor 1995 5/10/2018 Grounded Hargshamn to Stockholm, Sweden
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