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Cargo Casualty : Recent Casualties

In casualty situations prompt action is important to ensure that your interests are fully protected. Central to this is early identification of any involvement you may have in casualty cases. To assist you we provide below brief details of casualties that we are investigating or handling.

You may choose to display this list of casualties either alphabetically by clicking on "VESSEL NAME" or chronologically by clicking on "CASUALTY DATE"

Vessel Name Year of Build Casualty Date Casualty type Voyage Details
Elbtrader 2008 12/12/2019 Machinery Failure From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Dublin, Eire
Sea Eagle 2019 11/12/2019 Grounded La Rochelle to Rouen
Chemitec 2008 9/12/2019 Grounded From Hong Kong to Ningbo, China
Elbcarrier 2007 8/12/2019 Cargo Overboard From Rotterdam, Netherlands to Dublin, Eire
Feed Rana 2004 8/12/2019 Ingress of Water From Kristiansund to unknown destination
Hoegh Traveller 2016 7/12/2019 Grounded From US East coast ports to worldwide destinations
Synthese 21 1971 4/12/2019 Contact Voerde to Ibbenburen
Glovis Maestro 2012 4/12/2019 Engine Failure From Singapore to unknown destination port
New Leo 1997 4/12/2019 Engine Failure Elefis, Greece to Gemlik, Turkey
Chris GR 2005 3/12/2019 Engine Failure From Santos, Brazil to Shimizu Honsu and Tagonoura, Japan
Karkloe 2011 3/12/2019 Engine Failure From Sodertalje and Koping, Sweden to Nouadhibou, Mauritania
Mir Jalal Pashayev 2006 1/12/2019 Grounded From Rostov, Russia to ports in Turkey
Vohburg 2005 1/12/2019 Machinery Failure Teesport U.K.to Rotterdam
RCC Passion 2011 1/12/2019 Fire Le Havre to Fort-de-France
Toan Phat 68 2003 30/11/2019 Sank Hai Phong to Can Tho, Vietnam
Wilhelmine 2006 30/11/2019 Engine Failure Algeciras to Marseille
Kaministiqua 1983 27/11/2019 Damage to Hull From Sorel to Thunder Bay, Canada
Nordana Sophie 1999 27/11/2019 Ingress of Water Hong Kong to Son Duong, Vietnam
Albanian Earthquake n/a 26/11/2019 General Enquiry Near Durres, Albania
Tanto Ceria 1989 26/11/2019 Fire Banjarmasin, Indonesia to Surabaya, Indonesia
KM.Mitra Sejahtera 9 n/a 23/11/2019 Sank Not known
Eurocargo Trieste 1997 21/11/2019 Fire From Livorno to Savona, Italy
Hartura 2009 21/11/2019 Engine Failure From Fos, France to Gemlik, Turkey
Silver Way 1991 17/11/2019 Fire Nakhodka, Russia to Busan, South Korea
Moinos 2005 17/11/2019 Grounded From Karlsruhe, Germany to Birsfelden, Switzerland
Reggestroom 1993 16/11/2019 General Enquiry Amsterdam to Papendrecht
Paxoi 2009 15/11/2019 Engine Failure Algeciras, Spain to Tangier, Morocco
Yong Shun 2009 14/11/2019 Fire Hong Kong to Vung Tai, Vietnam
Concordia 1997 13/11/2019 Grounded Trading between Netherlands and Norway (Rotterdam, Moerdijk, Egersund, Tananger, Bergen, Floro, Svelgen, Maloy, Aalesund)
Sea Brave 2004 12/11/2019 Fire Varna, Bulgaria to Savona, Italy
CSAV Trancura 2013 10/11/2019 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage from Singapore, Shekou, Ningbo, Yangshan, Qingdao (China), Hong Kong, Kaoshiung (Taiwan), Busan (Korea), Manzanillo (Mexico), Balboa, Colon (Panama), Cartagena (Colombia), Kingston
Thomas C 2011 9/11/2019 Grounded Ponta Ubu, Brazil to San Nicolas, Argentina
Ruyter 2006 8/11/2019 Engine Failure Kotka, Finland to Delfzil, Netherlands
Hoyu 2009 7/11/2019 Fire Dumai, Indonesia to Jasaan, Philippines
Ocean Globe 2010 5/11/2019 Grounded Barranquilla, Colombia to Valletta, Malta
Nord Venus 2011 5/11/2019 Heavy Weather Damage Quequen, Argentina to Port Elizabeth, South Africa
MSC Maas 1997 5/11/2019 Collision Rotterdam, the Netherlands to Antwerp, Belgium,
Elka Aristitle 2003 4/11/2019 Piracy From Dakar, Senegal to Lome, Togo
Wilson Corinth 2005 4/11/2019 Engine Failure Vlissingen, Netherlands to Grundartangi, Iceland
Glovis Captain 2015 3/11/2019 Shift of Cargo From Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kisarazu, Nagoya Sakai, Yosu, Pyeong Taek, Tianjun, Lianyungang, Hambantota to Emden, Bremerhaven, Zeebrugge, Antwerp and Southampton
Bonita 2010 2/11/2019 Piracy From Motril, Spain to Cotonou, Benin
Thanh Cong 999 n/a 31/10/2019 Sank Thanh Hoa to Son Duong, Vietnam
VSG Pride 1996 30/10/2019 Grounded Tuticorin, India to Singapore
PV Alliance 1994 30/10/2019 Grounded Between Vietnamese Ports,
Escape 2011 29/10/2019 Engine Failure From Rotterdam, the Netherlands to Southampton, UK,
SM Vancouver 2000 26/10/2019 Grounded Savannah, USA to Port Everglades, USA,
Kaszuby 2008 24/10/2019 Grounded Santa Marta and Barranquilla, Colombia to Port of Spain, Trinidad ,
Griftbor 1995 24/10/2019 Fire From Kunda, Estonia to Monsteras, Sweden
Louis 2013 18/10/2019 Damage to Hull From Bandirma, Turkey to Nikolayev, Ukraine
Ocean Pluto 2007 23/9/2019 Contact Pengerang, Malaysia to Chattogram, Bangladesh
Radcliffe R. Latimer 1978 23/9/2019 Engine Failure Trois Rivieres to Montreal
Nephrite 2012 19/9/2019 Contact From Genoa, Italy to Limas, Turkey
Ocean Porpoise 1996 19/9/2019 Ingress of Water From Chinese ports to unknown destination
Phantom 2000 19/9/2019 Grounded From Gothenburg to Lidkoping, Sweden
Margaretha 2002 19/9/2019 Contact From Limas, Turkey to Rijeka, Croatia
Agia Eleni 2008 18/9/2019 Grounded San Lorenzo, Argentina to Cienfuegos, Cuba
Hong Yang 1998 14/9/2019 Grounded Rotational voyage between Zhanjiang, Yingkou, Humen, Guangzhou and Qinzhou, China
Dubai Harmony 2005 13/9/2019 Fire Gothenburg Sweden to Sture Oil Terminal, Norway to ports in Europe and / or USA
Joanna Borchard 2006 12/9/2019 Shift of Cargo Rotational voyage from Barcelona (Spain), Genova (Italy)
Gulf Argo 2019 12/9/2019 Sank Rotational voyage between Chittagong, Bangladesh to Kolkata, India
Finnmaster 1998 8/9/2019 Engine Failure Hull, United Kingdom to Helsinki, Finland
Golden Ray 2017 8/9/2019 Capsized Outbound from Brunswick to Beirut, Aqaba, Jeddah, Sohar, Jebel Ali, Dammam, Shuwaikh, Umm Qasr
Ji Shun 16 2003 6/9/2019 Sank Rotational voyage from ports in China and Taiwan
Xin Ou 21 1999 5/9/2019 Adrift Xiamen, China to Rizhao, China
PNT Mighty 2014 2/9/2019 General Enquiry Fang Cheng Gang, China to Ko Sichang, Thailand
Contship ECO 2008 2/9/2019 Engine Failure Rotational voyage from Khoms & Benghazi (Libya) to Piraeus (Greece)
Tropical Storm Dorian n/a 1/9/2019 General Enquiry N/A
Samskip Innovator 2011 30/8/2019 Ingress of Water Tilbury U.K. to Rotterdam
Thai Thuy 88 2009 29/8/2019 Sank Quang Ninh to Can Tho, Vietnam
North Star 1975 28/8/2019 Machinery Failure Willemstad, Curacao to Barranquilla, Colombia
San Antonio 2012 28/8/2019 Grounded Savannah USA to Netherlands
Cassiopeia Ocean 2018 27/8/2019 Grounded Rosario, Argentine to Liverpool U.K.
Helena Oldendorff 2016 26/8/2019 Machinery Failure Guaiba Island, Brazil to Tianjin, China
Mardinik 2011 25/8/2019 Grounded General Lagos, Argentina to Tunisia
Atlantic Comet 1995 24/8/2019 Engine Failure Rotterdam to Felixstowe
Laust Maersk 2001 23/8/2019 Collision From Callao, Peru to Antwerp, Belgium, calling at San Antonio and San Vincente (Chile), Balboa and Colon (Panama) and Santa Maria (Colombia)
CSCL Jupiter 2011 22/8/2019 Collision Cap Mep to Port Klang, Malaysia
Nur Allya 2002 20/8/2019 Capsized Weda Island, North Maluku to Morosi, Southeast Sulawesi
Maersk Seoul 2006 18/8/2019 Cargo Overboard Luanda to Singapore
Emma Janneke 2006 15/8/2019 Engine Failure From El Ferrol, Spain to unknown destination
Doric Warrior 2010 13/8/2019 Collision Norfolk, United States to Yuzhny, Ukraine
Solina 2012 11/8/2019 Grounded Santarem, Brazil to Tuxpan, Mexico
APL Le Havre 2012 9/8/2019 Fire Rotational voyage from Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Tanger-Med (Morocco), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany), Coryton (UK), Antwerp (Belgium), Jebel Ali (UAE), Karachi (Pakistan) and Nhava Sheva (In
Kota Wangsa 1996 6/8/2019 Cargo Overboard Rotational voyage from Singapore (Singapore), Port Klang (Malaysia) to Chittagong (Bangladesh)
Minoan Glory 2006 6/8/2019 Explosion Vancouver, Canada to Singapore and China
Nand Aparna 1992 3/8/2019 Grounded Dharamtar to Hazira
Mehmet Bey 2000 2/8/2019 Machinery Failure Amaliapolis, Greece to Iskenderun, Turkey
Southampton 2009 1/8/2019 General Enquiry Indonesia to Koh Si Chang, Malaysia
Carolina Star 2000 31/7/2019 Contact Rotational voyage from Valencia & Algeciras (Spain), Cotonou (Benin), Douala & Kribi (Cameroon) and Tangier (Morocco)
Port Dalian 2012 31/7/2019 Grounded Ukrainian Ports to Subic Bay, Philippines,
Fareast Honesty 2012 31/7/2019 Contact From Bontang, Indonesia to Vung Tau, Vietnam
MSC London 2014 30/7/2019 Engine Failure Rotational voyage from Singapore (Singapore), Chiwan, Yangshan, Ningbo (China), Busan (Korea), Port Said (Egypt), Yarimca, Ambarli, Tekirdag (Turkey), Piraeus (Greece) and Suez (Egypt)
Ayr 2009 30/7/2019 Engine Failure Teesport, England to Antwerp, Belgium
Dole America 1994 30/7/2019 Engine Failure Antwerp, Belgium to San Juan, Puerto Rico
Marfret Niolon 1991 28/7/2019 Fire Marseille to another French Port
Icdas-5 2019 28/7/2019 Fire Iskenderun to Ambarli, Turkey
Melbournw 2002 27/7/2019 Engine Failure From Paranagua (Brazil) to Cape Town (South Africa) and / or various ports in the East
Lany 1994 27/7/2019 Grounded Duisburg, Germany to Rotterdam, Netherlands,
Amira Joy 2009 25/7/2019 Grounded Kepez, Turkey to Chioggia, Italy
Amis Dolphin 2015 25/7/2019 Engine Failure Chornomorsk, Ukraine to Rostock, Germany
Solarte 1982 24/7/2019 Damage to Hull Walvis Bay, Namibia to Beira, Mozambique
Bow Diamond 2001 23/7/2019 Heavy Weather Damage Chennai , India to Derince, Turkey
Rubiships VIII 2012 22/7/2019 Grounded From Deggendorf to Passau, Germany
Felix 1999 20/7/2019 Grounded From Parnu, Estonia to Kolding, Denmark
Bardu 2014 19/7/2019 Machinery Failure Rotational voyage between Townsville (Australia), Kaohsiung (Taiwan), Shanghai & Ningbo (China), Hong Kong (Hong Kong), Guangzhou (China) and Lae (Papua New Guinea)
Camaro VI 2016 18/7/2019 Engine Failure Rotational voyage between Birsfelden (Switzerland), Weil am Rhein (Germany) and Rotterdam (Netherlands)
Ocean Opal 2012 15/7/2019 Grounded From Santos, Brazil to Jebel Ali, UEA
Paksoy 1 1997 15/7/2019 Piracy Douala, Cameroon to Abidjan, Ivory Coast,
Soul of Luck 1997 14/7/2019 Contact Rotational voyage calling at Siam Seaport(Thailand), Singapore, Port Klang (Malaysia), Tanjung Priok, Tanjung Emas and Tanjung Perak (Indonesia)
Genius Star VIII 2007 10/7/2019 Grounded Tianjin, China to Semarang, Indonesia,
Guluzar Isik 1989 7/7/2019 Engine Failure Iskenderun to Darica, Turkey
Mei Cheng 866 n/a 4/7/2019 Grounded From Fangcheng to Qinzhou, China
Klima 2013 4/7/2019 Collision Dhamra, India to Singapore and China
Coyhaique 1983 3/7/2019 Grounded Puerto Chacabuco to Puerto Montt, Chile
C Rock 2005 1/7/2019 Engine Failure Fujairah, UAE to Berbera, Somalia,
Syn Zania 2008 1/7/2019 Explosion From Milazzo, Italy and Marseilles, France to Nemrut Bay, Turkey
BBC Oregon 2010 30/6/2019 Grounded Bay Bulls Harbour, Canada to Tananger, Norway
KSL Gladiator 2008 30/6/2019 Cargo Overboard From Chittagong to Pangaon port, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Rix Eleonora 1998 28/6/2019 Engine Failure Hamburg, Germany to Frederiksvaerk, Denmark
Swan Biscay 2008 25/6/2019 Engine Failure Houston, USA to Cartagena, Colombia,
Fast Sam 1994 20/6/2019 Grounded Antwerp, Belgium to Naestved, Denmark
Diamond Highway 2004 16/6/2019 Fire From Zeebrugge, Belgium to Batangas, Philippines calling at Bremerhaven and Emden, Germany and Singapore
Bonita 1987 16/6/2019 Grounded From Amsterdam, Netherlands to Hallekis, Sweden
X-Press Mahananda 2007 14/6/2019 Collision Rotational voyage from Chittagong (Bangladesh) and Colombo (Sri Lanka)
Dae Won 1988 14/6/2019 Machinery Failure Kuantan, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand
Front Altair 2016 13/6/2019 Fire From Fujairah, UAE to Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Kokuka Couragfous 2011 13/6/2019 Damage to Hull From Jubail, Saudi Arabia to Singapore
Shandong Da Zhi 2012 11/6/2019 Collision Ponta de Madeira Terminal, Brazil to Lumut, Malaysia and Donjiakou (Qingdao China)
Tian fu He 2010 9/6/2019 Grounded Domestic rotational voyage from Zhuhai, Taicang, Jinzhou, Tangshan, Qinzhou to Rizhao (China)
Mentari Selaras 2007 8/6/2019 Fire From Waingapu to Ende, Indonesia
Yue Dian 85 2011 8/6/2019 Grounded Vancouver, Canada to Ho-Ping, Taiwan
Framfjord 1990 6/6/2019 Contact From Bergen to Kinsarvik, Norway
Daewon 1988 5/6/2019 General Enquiry From Ulsan, South Korea to Hong Kong, calling at Kaohsiung, Taiwan,
Vlistdiep 2007 5/6/2019 Contact From Antwerp to unknown destination(s)
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