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14 Mar 2020

COVID-19 W K Webster Group Client & Service Provider Update

14 March 2020 (London)

 Coronavirus (COVID-19) is fast becoming a global health concern impacting daily life at all levels.  As a global marine and transit claims consultancy, and the employer of 230 colleagues across the world, we are acutely aware of the support we need to provide to our clients, service providers and colleagues.

In this connection we wish to inform you that W K Webster is now operating under a special COVID-19 business interruption response plan. This allows W K Webster to ensure its offices in London, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles and Rotterdam will continue to operate in accordance with our agreed service levels throughout this global health emergency.  All clients and service providers should be reassured that 24/7 contact will be maintained throughout our global network.

To provide reassurance and transparency to our clients, service providers and colleagues we have shown below some of the key components from our COVID-19 business interruption response plan:

  • Deployment of our COVID-19 response team managed in London with hub support and coordination in New York and Singapore
  • Preparedness for alternative office working arrangements consisting of long-term remote work capabilities during self-isolation and/or Government mandated quarantine.
  • Increased awareness of Government recommendations on personal, work and home hygiene.
  • All colleague access to in office sanitation products and deep cleaning regimes in all company locations.
  • Instant messaging technology deployment for response team coordination and rapid delivery of mission critical information to all stakeholders.
  • Health and safety awareness for all out of station staff including cargo and vessel surveyors. All surveying staff including our global network of 220 survey agents across the world have been advised of the need to maintain hygiene, wear protective clothing, follow all country specific Government guidelines and keep in constant communication with the  W K Webster COVID-19 response team.
  • Information Security under W K Webster’s ISO 27001 certification will be maintained at the same level throughout the COVID-19 health emergency; so clients, service providers and colleagues can be reassured that data will not be compromised due to the change of working practices.
  • Systems have been deployed to ensure W K Webster will be in a position to issue all casualty guarantees in the event of any new General Average and/or Salvage claims throughout the COVID-19 health emergency.
  • All payment systems will be operational with full sanction checking throughout the COVID-19 health emergency to ensure claim payments are processed as per all service level agreements.
  • W K Webster is working with our IT and IS service providers to ensure all our targeted threat protection regimes are on high alert for the increased levels of risk from online COVID-19 impersonation and/or attempted insurance fraud.


W K Webster has also proactively commenced colleague training on best practices for the handling of marine and transit claims arising from the COVID-19 health emergency. Our clients can rest assured that W K Webster will professionally and diligently manage all claim notices under our normal service level agreements, without any undue delay.

If any client wishes to notify W K Webster of a claim specifically arising from the COVID-19 health emergency they should follow their normal reporting guidelines, or if these are unavailable, clients and/or service providers should submit any COVID-19 claims to the following email address:


As part of our COVID-19 response plan we have also invested in a dedicated emergency response team that can be contacted 24/7. For the fastest response we urge clients and/or service providers to contact the W K Webster COVID-19 response team in their local region:

Europe, Middle East & Africa: +44 (0)7715 003651

The Americas and Caribbean: +1 917 520 0635

Asia: +65 9012 9176

Additional information from our COVID-19 response team will also be available on the W K Webster website and published via the W K Webster LinkedIn and Twitter social media channels. Please ensure you follow W K Webster on both LinkedIn and Twitter to stay up to date on the COVID-19 health emergency:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/w-k-webster-&-co-ltd/

Twitter: @W_K_Webster

The planning outlined in the update will allow W K Webster to manage a widespread global COVID-19 outbreak. We fully appreciate that many unique challenges will arise from COVID-19 including the possibility of high claim frequencies and the need for fast-track reporting and claims processing. Please rest assured that W K Webster is positioned to support you during any such service needs.

Please all stay safe and follow your local Government advice at all times.

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