WK Webster Group

The WK Webster Group is a market-leading entity in the handling of Transit and Liability Claims worldwide. Headquartered in London and with offices in Singapore and New York, WK Webster maintains its own network of nominated survey agents in almost all countries of the World. All of the WK Webster survey agents work to defined service standards and report to the regional office in their time zone. Across these three regional offices, WK Webster employs a staff of 220 and provides a world-embracing claims handling service.

Unique Problems of International Marine Claims

It is the nature of international Marine Claims to come to light on arrival far from the insured entity and usually also their insurer. An international claim network such as the one maintained by WK Webster, ensures that an experienced surveyor who speaks the local language and knows local customs and service providers attends promptly and reports his findings in an established reporting format and time frame.



Telephone Number Toll Free: 855-346-8728 (US)
Telephone Number Regular toll: +1 (212) 402-7457
Telephone Number Fax: +1 (212) 363-9726