Claims Procedure

The goal is to gather as much information as possible from the tenant so the claim can be settled quickly.

  • Tenant notifies facility of the claim.
  • Tenant submits claim through the Easy Storage Tenant Protection Claims Portal with the following information:
    • Contact Information
    • Photos
    • Any Proof of Purchase
    • Police Report (Theft Loss Only)


Toll Free: 855-346-8728

Office Tel: (212) 402-7457

Fax: (212) 363-9726

W K Webster will determine whether or not to send a field adjuster or whether the claim can be reviewed on a documents only basis.

Once W K Webster have completed their investigation, a settlement decision will be made. W K Webster reserve the right to submit the claim to Insurers for further review if deemed necessary.

Once the settlement offer has been agreed, W K Webster will request a completed and signed Release Agreement from the tenant (this will act as the proof of loss) showing the agreed settlement/adjustment. Claims will be settled by either check or wire transfer per the insured’s instructions. Do not obtain this until settlement has been reached with the carrier.

Once the Release Agreement has been received by W K Webster, claim payment will be arranged.



Telephone Number Toll Free: 855-346-8728 (US)
Telephone Number Regular toll: +1 (212) 402-7457
Telephone Number Fax: +1 (212) 363-9726