WK Webster Group

The WK Webster Group is a market-leading entity in the handling of Transit and Liability Claims worldwide. Headquartered in London and with offices in Singapore and New York, WK Webster maintains its own network of nominated survey agents in almost all countries of the World. All of the WK Webster survey agents work to defined service standards and report to the regional office in their time zone. Across these three regional offices, WK Webster employs a staff of 220 and provides a world-embracing claims handling service.

Unique Problems of International Marine Claims

It is the nature of international Marine Claims to come to light on arrival far from the insured entity and usually also their insurer. An international claim network such as the one maintained by WK Webster, ensures that an experienced surveyor who speaks the local language and knows local customs and service providers attends promptly and reports his findings in an established reporting format and time frame.

Household Goods & Personal Effects

The Handling of Household Goods claims requires an approach somewhat different from usual Marine Cargo claims. The goods involved are an individual's pride and joy and seeing them damaged or lost is an emotive as well as financial issue. The individuals concerned are not aware of:

  • how to formulate a claim
  • which local suppliers provide replacement or repair
  • how to ensure that a third party responsible for the damage is held responsible

Even some professional removal companies encounter this situation rarely and do not know how to respond. WK Webster has considerable experience in this type of claim and will ensure that the local survey agent is sensitive to the particular needs of this market. They have built a network of repairers, restorers and valuation experts that will assist in resolving problems and assembling a reliable claims document.

Claim Reporting

The WK Webster WebReporter service provides an internet-based tool for UNIRISC clients to monitor the status of each of their claims at any time. Claim information is updated daily and can be viewed worldwide at any time of the day. Each client is given their personal log-in details and can view only their claims. UNIRISC also uses this system to monitor the development of claims on an overall basis. In addition, claimants can register new claims 24/7 and check claim status via the dedicated UNIRISC web page at www.wkwebster.com/unirisc.



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