eSurvey Service

Introducing eSurvey

W K Webster has developed a new online service to overcome the difficulties encountered with physical survey attendances throughout the world.

We are pleased to announce that we are now launching a new eSurvey product under our in-house ISA network, whereby claimants will be given the opportunity to join an eSurvey via a Zoom meeting. The eSurvey will be managed and run by an expert ISA field surveyor from their remote work location.

The eSurvey will consist of an interview with the claimant and the ability for our surveyor to direct the claimant in real time to capture video and photographs that can be uploaded direct to the ISA surveyor. The eSurvey report will be completed by the ISA surveyor based upon the information they have obtained and submitted as a secure PDF to the W K Webster case handler.

If you would like to utilise our new eSurvey product please click here to notify us of your interest, or to submit your new eSurvey instruction.