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Our Insurtech Solutions

Insurtech is at the heart of W K Webster and it's our clear strategic goal to embrace technology to ensure we maximise claims handling efficiencies and position ourselves as the number one claims service provider of choice.

Our CIO manages our in-house IT/IS division with a team of development colleagues dedicated to product deployment and client integrations. We have developed our own cloud-based systems hosted in Microsoft Azure to provide superior uptime, security and platform stability for our clients.

Information Security (IS) is at the core of our business, both within our IT architecture and all manual processes. To demonstrate our commitment to IS we have achieved ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification signifying that we have been tested against the highest level of information security management in the marine claims industry.

W K Webster & Co Ltd
W K Webster & Co Ltd


ClaimsConsole® is our latest cloud-based reporting system providing our clients with secure access to their claims data 24/7/365.

Clients can enjoy an unrivalled level of data access and interaction via dashboards, downloads and on-screen commands. We customise each experience to the individual needs of every Client to ensure each ClaimsConsole® user can harness the power of data to the best of their individual needs.

Please contact us today to learn more about ClaimsConsole® and how our technology can transform your claims experience beyond the traditional limitations of the marine and transit claims industry.

Claim Status

We recognise the need for complete transparency in the claims handling process and for this reason we have developed an online system that allows Claimants to easily track their claim status 24/7/365.

This simple but effective solution provides each Claimant with individual access to their claim status using a secure two-factor system, comprising of their unique claim reference number and a tracking ID. Once the information is entered the Claimant is presented with the instant live status of their claim and can also interact with their W K Webster claims handler via the same interface.

Please contact us today to learn more above claim status tracking and how you can leverage this technology to enhance your own claims offering to your clients and/or customers.

W K Webster & Co Ltd
W K Webster & Co Ltd


ClaimantPortal is a fully customisable online system for the electronic First Notice of Loss (eFNOL) process. The system has been designed to allow for a modern and seamless notification process for the Claimant. This transparent approach to customer service is elevating the traditional and somewhat cumbersome claim notification process often seen in the marine and transit claims industry.

The interface including the branding and language options of the ClaimantPortal can be tailored to the exact needs of each client. The system has also been designed to be mobile device friendly and includes claims reporting instructions beyond the first notice, a document upload facility and an instant on-screen claim acknowledgement.

Please contact us today to learn more above the ClaimantPortal technology and how we can modernise your claims reporting experience.

Automated Claims Handling

At W K Webster we recognise that the future of volume claims management will not be found within the constraints of traditional claims handling, but with the adoption of forward-thinking claims automation.

For this reason, we are positioning ourselves as the first-choice service provider for volume claims management in the marine and transit industry. We have already developed technology with ClaimsConsole® that embraces both system logic and the start of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help manage the claims process. This type of approach makes W K Webster the ideal business partner for insurance or risk transfer programs operating with a high volume of small value losses that traditionally cannot be handled in an economical or expeditious fashion in the current market.

If you are looking for a partner that can work with you to achieve an automated claims process to help you best manage the performance and integrity of your program, at a price point that achieves the economies of scale required, please look no further and click below to connect with one of our team.

W K Webster & Co Ltd
W K Webster & Co Ltd

System Integrations

We recognise that a large number of our clients already have their own IT systems for monitoring claims activity which is why we offer customised integration services.

We can provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services over a variety of protocols and this will allow you to import information about your claims directly into your environment.

Our bespoke API provides facilities for new claims to be automatically notified to us and data on existing claims to be accessed in real time allowing you to notify your customers the current status of their claim within your own customer facing environment.

We are also adept at working with third party applications that you may be using, and we have existing relationships with insurance industry software providers which will allow us to enrich your and your customers' claims experience.

All services can be tailored to meet your needs. Our developers are all employed by W K Webster and this allows us to be extremely flexible when delivering solutions. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Blockchain Document Transfer - We have partnered with several companies to deliver and participate in Blockchain initiatives surrounding claims documentation for the transit industry.

Robotic Process Automation - Partnering with Microsoft and members of their Inner Circle to embrace RPA for business functions within W K Webster to ensure we maximise productivity and claims efficiencies for our clients.

Photo AI - Innovating with Household Goods insurers to provide the logic needed for photo AI solutions for damaged goods, and working on live tagging for cargo items to replace traditional valued inventories.

To find out more about these and our latest innovations, please connect with Tom Perkins.

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