Hurricane Isaias

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Name Hurricane Isaias
Date 03 August 2020
Year of Build N/A
Casualty type Weather Event
Vessel Type N/A

We refer to the weather event - Hurricane Isaias is forecasted to make landfall near the South Carolina and North Carolina border. Isaias is expected to strengthen and hit as a hurricane with forecasters warning of heavy rainfall and powerful winds along the strengthening storm’s path.

Flash floods, storm surges and  even tornadoes are possible, the National Hurricane Center has said. The storm is expected to weaken only slowly after it makes landfall, posing a continued threat inland.

* Our New York Office has established a CAT response team to deal with emergency situations in connection with this event.

* If you experience any marine or transit liability incidents related to Hurricane Isaias we are on hand to assist.

* Please do not hesitate to make contact 24/7 using the following information.

* CAT response Claim Line + 1 917 520 0635 (24 hours)

* CAT Response email:

If further information is required please contact George Willett as per details shown on our website

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Hurricane Isaias